DoW III Annihilation Update

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Relic have just announced their Annihilation Update for release on June the 20th. We’ve already had one major patch and numerous hotfixes for Warhammer: Dawn of War III, but this latest update is set to add the first new content to the game since release.

Included in the Annihilation Update are new annihilation game modes, we’ve been told there are more than one of these, but there are no details as yet as to how they’ll differ from one another. To compliment the new game modes, Relic have released a new doctrine, giving the players the option to add extra mini turrets to their map defense. Does this sound a bit OP? Maybe, but don’t get too excited. In a move that would simultaneously wipe out legions of Assault Terminators as they forget that they’re wearing powergloves and then face palm themselves to death. Relic have given the turrets… fixed positions on the map. Relic… let me explain: It’s nice to have turrets, it really is, but you have once again taken the strategic choice away from the player. It’s called Real Time Strategy for a reason.

Relic are also giving us a new map to exterminate each other on (Mortis Vale). I’ve got to say, I’m finding the map situation kind of bemusing, Relic released DoW III with only eight maps altogether, but also released it with Steam Workshop integration and ready made map making tools. However, the tools are limited and only allow map makers to create rough looking (although inventive) similitude’s of the existing DoW III maps, giving players a choice between the polished and decorative, but very limited official maps, or endless numbers of crazy and cool custom maps that look about eight years old. The final inducement in this placatory package, are some shiny new skins for your favourite Titans, which are very nice looking. 

I find myself both encouraged and disappointed by this update, it’s great to hear that Relic are listening to players grievances, but I can’t help but have this feeling that, they just don’t get it. Yes, its nice to have base building back, yes it’s nice to have game changing heroes to focus on. Yes, its nice to have larger armies and yes, it will be nice to have an annihilation mode too, but you don’t put ketchup, custard and cornflakes in a bowl, mix it together then slap it on a canvas and call it a Picasso. It just doesn’t work like that, you need to know why each part tastes good on its own, and know how they will compliment the other ingredients too.

I really love Relic for trying, but I really hope they learn something here too.

Official Press Release

It’s time to Annihilate!

It’s been over a month since Dawn of War III launched, and we wanted to give you a quick update of what we’ve been up to! We’re dropping a big update next week with a bunch of cool stuff that fans have been asking for.

  • New Map: Mortis Vale! Get your feet wet with the new Annihilation mode with a new battleground to play in!
  • Annihilation mode! The classic mode returns in Dawn of War III, playable across all maps.
  • Free Engines of Annihilation skin pack! The House Raven Skin for Imperial Knight Paladin, the Exalted skin for the Wraithknight, and the Deathskulls skin for the Gorkanaut will be granted to you for free, right when you log in, once the update drops!

The Annihilation update will hit on Tuesday, June 20.

For more details, please head to to check out our Community Update.

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