DOOM Update 4 Brings Back the Nostalgia

Posted on 19 Oct 2016 by
David Pink

Bethesda and id Software have released a massive update today for all owners of DOOM. This 11GB free update is packed with all kinds of glorious gory goodies that should excite even the most badass demon hunter out there.

DOOM’s much anticipated Arcade Mode for the single-player campaign converts the already hectic blood bath action into a blazingly fast competitive score-based frag fest. Arcade Mode will allow players to play any and all levels with the entire DOOM repertoire of weapons, skills and equipment at their disposal. Compete against your best mates or the worldwide player base for bragging right on the leaderboards.

Multiplayer mode is also getting some attention with a retro blast from the past SnapMap overhaul, bringing the Classic DOOM module into the fray. Included within is a few Classic inspired maps from the id Software team for players to have a little fun running around in if they don’t feel too creative to make their own levels.

Also coming to the multiplayer game is two new modes, first one being the Possession mode, which has a team of Marines fighting against a pack of player controlled Prowler Demons. If a Marine gets butchered, they too will become Prowlers, joining up with the rest to bring down the remaining demon hunters.

Bloodrush is the second new mode, which adds a new twist to the free-for-all mode. Players will need to focus on keeping their Bloodrush meter filled in order to respawn as the meter gradually drains over time, significantly so if you get killed. As the match continues, over time the Bloodrush meter will drain faster and faster until their remains only a single player, the victor!

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