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Posted on 09 Sep 2016 by
David Pink

Id Software are pleased to announce the upcoming FREE multiplayer content update coming to their critically acclaimed, blood soaked, demonic killing smash hit, DOOM. Later this month all owners of the game will see this gloriously free update downloading on their gaming platform of choice.

So just what’s inside the newest content update coming from id Software? It seems the multiplayer mode is receiving some major lovin’ with the addition of the classic Deathmatch free-for-all mode, bringing carnage and mayhem to DOOM’s brutal ultrafast-paced online experience. If that’s wasn’t enough to make you grin ear to ear, then perhaps the inclusion of Private Matches, where you and your buddies determine the rules of war, select the maps you want and how to play them with a multitude of options.

You might have noticed that DOOM’s amazing campaign mode has been overlooked this time, but don’t you fret, Id Software have big plans on making the campaign an even more enjoyable experience with a future update coming this fall, for the low, low price of absolutely FREE. For all those competitive glory seeking gamers out there, soon you’ll be able to brag about your single player prowess with the upcoming competitive campaign mode.

At this time, no further details about the upcoming competitive campaign add-on are available, however there will be a special live gameplay stream, featuring id Software’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, being hosted by Xbox this Tuesday, September 13th. Until then, check out the worldwide debut teaser above to get a quick glimpse of what to expect later this month, and don’t forget to check out the live stream next week for a showcase of all three new modes coming to DOOM!

Official Press Release

We’re excited to reveal that Free Update 3, arriving this month,  will include Deathmatch and Private Matches.

Deathmatch brings free-for-all mayhem to DOOM’s fast-paced multiplayer, while Private Matches allow you and your friends to create private multiplayer matches where you select the maps and modes. You’ll also be able to adjust settings like the time limit, score limit, or turning demons and power weapon off or on. You can check out this teaser showcasing these upcoming additions here or tune into a special livestream gameplay reveal with id Software’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin on Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm BST on

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