Divinity Original Sin 2 Playable Undead Revealed

Posted on 01 Sep 2017 by
Jay Shaw

Lets start by acknowledging the amazing ability for Larian staff to keep a straight face while filming that ludicrous introduction.

In Divinity Original Sin 2 you don’t have to be one of those disgusting meatbags, always walking around all pink and hairy. Now it’s 100% official, you can be as bony as you like with undead trait applied to your character, even right from creation. You don’t just get to shed your skin, being an unholy abomination has its upsides and downsides.

Players will be able to play as undead of any of the game’s races, including humans, dwarves, lizards, and elves. You’ll be able to customise the look of your character with jewellery and bears as well as changing the colour of your bones. Skeletons are inherently scary though (did you know there’s one inside you right now? Try not to panic) and showing your face will lead to less than friendly interactions with the game’s NPCs.

Thanks to that sweet segue we can talk about another major feature just revealed; The Mask Of The Shapeshifter will allow your characters to take on the appearance of any mortal race. You could turn into a dwarf for a discount, or an elf to omnomnom on a tasty corpse and gain its memories. There’s more than one mask, and you can even craft more.

Being undead, you’ll have to face a couple of new challenges but you’ll be well equipped. For example, the bones in the tips of your fingers will look like tiny penises. Despite having dickfingers you’ll have an awesome new racial trait that allows you to pick locks by just jamming your hand in there and giving it the old in-out-in-out. Your racial skill, Play Dead will allow you to pretend to be a regular non-animated corpse to escape combat or sneak past guards on patrol.

In true RPG trope fashion, healing potions and spells will harm an undead character but poison will heal them. Feel free to roll your bones in a puddle of toxic goo if you’re not feeling too great or use the Zaikk’s Talon item on your healing potions to turn them into poison. Just remember to label them carefully so the living party members don’t chug one accidentally. It’ll be like the mayonnaise situation all over again.

There’s also information on the collector’s edition of the game in the video above and if you fancy a bit of reading, there’s also the Kickstarter Update with all the information in handy word form.

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