Dishonored 2 Patch 1.3 Now Available

Posted on 06 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

After almost a month since its release, Arkane Studios have graced Dishonored 2 fans with another new update with high hopes of improving general performance for players, as well as improving their current standing on Steam.

Since being released, a large number of players have been suffering from various performance issues, which undoubtedly has been a large reason for its “Mixed” overall Steam user score.  Today’s newly released Update 1.3 patch, which was currently available as a Beta patch, is now open to all players and should automatically update upon Steam’s launch.

Promising to further improve on overall performance and general optimization, along with other known issues, one of which seems to stem from the previous NVIDIA drivers 375.70 and 375.86. Those playing on NVIDIA hardware should update to the newer, recommended driver 375.95 and above to alleviate some of the performance issues they may have experienced. While not mentioned specifically if past AMD drivers were problematic, they do however recommend AMD users to update to 16.11.14 drivers and above.

Below you’ll find a highlight of today’s 1.3 patch, for the complete changelog of the latest update, head on over to the Dishonored 2 Steam community hub.

  • Added an On/Off option for Camera Motion Blur.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in “Adaptive Resolution” being incorrectly set to “Manual”.
  • Bug fix for when V-Sync settings didn’t match the monitor refresh rate when above 60hz.
  • Multi-monitor bug fix that caused the primary monitor to not display the game by default.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the wrong “Resolution Scale FPS Target” when V-Sync mode was changed.
  • “Resolution Scaling Quality” is now set to “Quality” by default.
  • Rendering bug which affects lighting on some NPCs which caused a strange “red glow” now fixed.
  • “Shadow Quality” settings changed, “High” and lower now have a significant visual/performance adjustment.
  • Transparent surfaces and various VFX performance impact has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug that impacting mouse movement speed.

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