Destiny 2 Release And Beta Dates For PC

Posted on 16 Aug 2017

We know you didn’t skip the trailer to read this time, that video’s just too tempting. What you’ve just seen is the official PC beta trailer and if you stayed until the end you’ll have learned that the Destiny 2 open beta for PC players starts on 29 August 2017 over on Battle.Net – Blizzard’s gaming service. Additionally, players who pre-order the game before then can get early access to the beta on 28 August 2017 and gain a whole day’s head start.

The beta will feature first mission of the story titled Homecoming, and cooperative and competitive modes. No details on what they’ll be specifically but it’s very likely to be the same content the console betas got. Expect lots of shooting, space wizards from the moon, and playing footy in the social area.

Official Press Release

For the first time, Destiny 2 will be available for PC on 24th October via®, Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service.

Beginning 29th August, players worldwide are invited to experience Destiny 2 on PC, including the opening story mission, ‘Homecoming’, along with cooperative and competitive modes. All who pre-order Destiny 2 can jump into the action with early access to the beta on 28th August.

You can view the Destiny 2 – Official PC Beta Trailer here:

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