DayZ’s 10th Anniversary Brings a Major Update

Posted on 09 Nov 2023 by
L Coulsen

1.23 is a pretty hefty overhaul of, pretty much, the whole game. There’s too much to really go into full details, so scroll down a tad and check out the full press release. It will be a lot faster than trying to talk you through it all. There’s also a trailer to give you a quick overview, so go ham.

Official Press Release

Prague, 8th Nov 2023 – Prepare for an epic journey into the post-apocalyptic world of DayZ as they unveil their latest update. Get ready to embark on an adventure as Update 1.23 is now available on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. This update introduces a plethora of exciting changes to the game, including a breathtaking transformation to NWAF, Beautiful & dynamic new Skybox, the return of a legendary firearm, a revamped spawn system, and a wealth of other thrilling features.

New Skies for a More Immersive Experience

One of the standout features of Update 1.23 is the stunning transformation of the day and night skies. Clouds are now more distinct, creating a visually striking backdrop for your survival journey. The transition between day and night is now smoother than ever, enhancing the immersive experience of DayZ. Furthermore, the development team has crafted a custom sky setup for Chernarus and Livonia, making each map feel unique and atmospheric.

Iconic Firearm – The DMR

For those survivors who appreciate the power and precision of a legendary firearm, the iconic DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) makes its return to the DayZ world. This semi-automatic powerhouse, based on the legendary M14 and used by the US Marine Corps, shoots .308 rounds and can be equipped with most western sights. It accepts both 10 and 20-round magazines, making it an essential addition to your arsenal for mid-range engagements.

Field Shovel and Character Accessories

Storing your valuables has never been easier with the introduction of the field shovel, a compact tool that can perform most of the tasks of its full-sized counterpart. Additionally, DayZ now offers an array of character-related clothing items for your head, along with new padded gloves, allowing you to personalize your survivor’s appearance.

Enhanced Spawn System for Group Play

DayZ has become even more welcoming for survivors who prefer to explore the post-apocalyptic world with their friends. With the introduction of player spawn groups, you and your companions now have a greater likelihood of beginning or respawning on the same server, bringing you closer together. Bid farewell to the frustrations of trying to rendezvous in the expansive DayZ universe. But remember, while you may have allies by your side, tread cautiously, for you may find yourself alongside both friends and foes in this unforgiving world.

Key Features of DayZ Update 1.23 Include:

Padded Gloves – 3 variants
Petushok hat – 3 variants
OKZK Cap – 2 variants
Winter Coif – 4 variants
Field Shovel
DMR (M14)
20rd Mag
10rd Mag
SkyBox Changes
NWAF (Vibor Airbase) Overhaul

Additional Highlights of Update 1.23

Unstick your vehicle with the new push action.

See queue states and the time of day in the server browser.

Building bases in the Livonia underground is no longer possible.

Distribution of high-tier firearms has been rebalanced inside and outside Chernarus and Livonia’s contaminated areas.

Server-side mission files now allow adjustments to a player’s startup gear, which is particularly important for console community servers.

Upcoming Anniversary and Christmas Events

As the year progresses, DayZ has exciting events in store. Celebrate DayZ’s 10th anniversary and prepare for our annual Christmas event. Don’t forget to look up; as we won’t want to miss all the DayZ festivities!

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