Day of the Devs 2020

Posted on 23 Jun 2020 by
Jay Shaw

It’s time for this year’s Day of the Devs stream and while it’s not as huge as some previous years there’s some new stuff we haven’t seen at other shows yet. This time we’ll be skipping over things that’ve already been shown unless there’s something new to report (hint, there isn’t) so let’s launch into the regular bit: The full show is embedded above and individual games are down below. You know what to do.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

While not officially confirmed for PC, the Crash license is owned by Activision so you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll make its way to our platform eventually. We’ve got a trailer showing off a bunch of gameplay from the familiar running away from things levels, vehicles, playing as Cortex, and a couple of bosses. We also got a look at some new environments like a futuristic city. Crash Bandicoot 4 is launching on 2 October 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Serpent Showdown

The first in a segment of games from Gameheads students; Serpent Showdown is an arena fighter where two snakes face off with crayon swords, cardboard armour, and wadded up paper projectiles. This one is making its way to the PC and Switch.


TRI-GER is a vector graphics style shoot-em-up about matching colours and shooting through endless waves of opponents. TRI-GER is already available via

The Groundz

One from Gameheads Studio itself, The Groundz is a 1v1 and 2v2 street dodge ball game. Again, this one is available via already.

The Artful Escape

Developed by Beethoven & Dinosaur, The Artful Escape looks like a ludicrous 2.5D platformer about a teenage guitar prodigy crafting his on-stage persona. Naturally you’ll do this by sliding down rainbows through space, a weird alternate dimension called Glitterdim, and by playing sweet guitar riffs to monsters that would be right at home on a Rush album.


Frozenbyte (developers of the Trine series) have announced Starbase, a space MMO where everything is destructible. Imagine an massively multiplayer version of Space Engineers and you won’t be too far off the mark. The trailer shows large space ships being torn to pieces by laser fire and even adjusting thruster values manually in an engineering room. Other things shown include attacking other players to steal their loot, mining, creating space stations, and large scale fleet battles. Starbase is releasing into Steam Early Access later this year.


Foregone is a 2D pixel art platformer action RPG that wears its Dead Cells inspiration pretty openly. Also cited as inspirations are Diablo and Castlevania and while we don’t really see it, the action does look pretty good and it has a cool parrot-on-meth style bird boss in the trailer so that’s cool. Foregone has been in early access via the Epic Games Store for a while, and will be coming to Steam on 1 March 2020. Console versions will be launching in October.


Spinch is a colourful platformer based on the artwork of Jesse Jacobs. The gameplay looks somewhat reminiscent of Super Meat Boy with wall jumping and sliding and dodging large hazards and enemies. The art looks like the crazy over-the-top weird stuff you’d see on games from the late ’80s and early ’90s.


Triple Topping Games have announced Ynglet, a “platformer without platforms” where you’ll plave a cool looking creature that must leap from bubbles of safe space, bounce off platforms, ride rails, and dash to the next bit of safety. The game also features a dynamic soundtrack that reacts to everything the player does.

Black Book

Black Book by developers Morteshka is an adventure RPG with a Slay The Spire deck building and combat mechanics. The game puts you in the role of a new witch nineteenth century eastern Europe and is built around slavic folklore and short stories.

Panzer Paladin

Panzer Paladin is an action platformer that looks like a mash-up of Shovel Knight, Blaster Master, and NES Strider. You’ll play a mecha (that looks like Sandrock from Gundam Wing) and its pilot through several levels. The hook is that your weapons are disposable; you can throw them at enemies or break them to cast a spell. You’ll also be able to use an in-game editor to create custom weapons via drawing the pixel art and assigning stats. Panzer Paladin is launching Summer 2020 for PC and Switch.

Haunted Garage

Games For Ghosts has revealed a little more of their black and white “music production adventure game” that had a demo available via until recently (that has now been pulled as the game’s moving into beta in the future). As you adventure in the in-game game you’ll unlock more weird and wonderful bits of art and machinery that combine into an evolving soundtrack.

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars is a recently kickstarted RPG from Sabotage Studio (of The Messenger fame) and is about the adventures of Valere the moongirl, Zale the sunboy, and Garl the chef. One of those things isn’t like the others. If the developer’s previous game is any indication, this is one to keep a close eye on but you’ll have a long wait as it’s not due out until 2022.

Overlook Trail

Overlook Trail from developers Longhand Electric, is a surreal first person dream exploration game. The trailer’s extremely brief and makes no sense, as you’d expect from a game with that description. Steam currently says the game will be releasing in January 2022, but as always with a date so far off it’d be wise to not take it as absolute just yet.

In conclusion, the show was surprisingly interesting. A few indie surprises like Panzer Paladin and Sea of Stars caught our interest because mecha and the guys who made The Messenger making an RPG sounds incredible. Of course, the Crash Bandicoot 4 reveal wasn’t as exciting as it could have been thanks to leaks the previous week and we were a little disappointed to not see any PC store logos on it but we’ll hold out hope for news on that front.

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