Darksburg – First Look Gameplay Trailer

Posted on 12 Apr 2019

The first gameplay trailer for Shiro Games’ Darksburg is embedded above. Give it a look to see the game’s four heroes, which include a werewolf with a shield and a huge man with a ladle, beating the decomposition out of a bunch of zombies. More info in the press release below.

Official Press Release

Shiro Games has released a brand-new gameplay trailer today for their upcoming top-down multiplayer action game Darksburg ahead of the game’s European debut at TwitchCon Europe (Berlin) on April 13-14. The French independent studio, developer of the popular Viking strategy title Northgard and the Evoland-series, will give the European public and press a first hands-on opportunity to play their cooperative medieval zombie game.

In Darksburg, the titular medieval town is overrun by hordes of zombies, and it is up to the few remaining locals still standing and pumping blood to get rid of the undead plague. In this top-down cooperative multiplayer action game, up to 4 players will team up to battle the waves of undead that infest the city. They will have a roster of colourful characters to choose from, each featuring a unique set of skills, from the compassionate (but not overly so) Sister Abigail and the cheerful innkeeper and zombie slayer Runolf, to the sardonic bounty hunter Rose and the escaped werewolf (but still man’s best friend) Varag. Teamplay and great reflexes will be the key to survive in this fast-paced, challenging game.

Follow the latest news about Darksburg on Shiro Games’ Twitter.

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