Dark Souls III Gets an Animated Trailer

Posted on 31 Mar 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

“This show contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing” according to Bandai Namco, but that’s only if you find demons, death, and crows pecking out eyes, disturbing.

Eli Roth’s mind might be darker than Dark Souls, but it’s a good fit for some DS themed atmosphere from the witches to the demons in an animation format. And it makes for a good holdover until Dark Souls III is released in the western world on April 16th. As for whether or not the architecture in the distance is Anor Londo, Dranglaic Castle, the Dragon Aerie, or some hint at future DLC, nobody knows, but it’s exciting to dream about, don’t you think?

But Dark Souls isn’t all serious, it has Solaire and ragdoll physics after all, and neither was this animation. You can check out the bloopers and the behind the scenes below.

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