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Have you ever had a dream about mashing chainsaws, fences and rusty doors together? No? Just me? Well, my dream came true and not yours! Crossout lets me put 4 wheels on a chainsaw-door and battle it against other chainsaw-doors. I don’t care what you’re going to do since a chainsaw-door is just unbeatable anyway…

Since I’m sure most of us enjoy being cramped into a cupboard, Crossout lets you choose from various fractions like the Lunatics who like fast doors and close chainsaw combat, or the Nomads who wander the wastelands, searching for new kind of technologies like new fangled chainsaws and not so rusty doors. The official release of Crossout also introduces a new, fifth, fraction to the game. Steppenwolves… yep, you remember the band from the 60’s? No? Well, then you disgust me! Anyway, these Steppenwolves are ex-military who like strong, thick metal things and fight from far away with their big cannons like a bunch of cowards.

Crossout comes with quite a few different game modes on various maps across the wasteland. Be it a desert, some canyon or a settlement, it’s all there and they’re planning to bring even more in the future. In the different game modes you’ll be able to defend some merchants, fight for the most resources in a PVP match or fight against a giant steel behemoth on wheels created by other players.

Being that this is a Free-to-Play title, micro-transactions aren’t far away. You can earn loot for your car by playing PvP or PvE missions. Craft new stuff with the help of your fraction or straight up buy the stuff you want right away. If you stuck around long enough to read this and if Crossout sounds interesting to you, then head on over to the official website and download the game!

Official Press Release

Crossout launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Accompanying update adds several new features, including a fifth playable faction

May 30th, 2017 — Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the launch of the post-apocalyptic Action MMOG Crossout, available beginning today as a free download on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Craft your own vehicle – Crossout allows players to craft never seen vehicles using anything Earth’s vast post-apocalyptic wastelands offer. There are a countless number of parts available for vehicle customization, from trusty objects of the past, like rusty doors, chainsaws, and cabins from old cars, to the ingenious inventions of a new generation of engineers that grew up in the post-apocalyptic world, such as combat drones, stealth generators, automatic cannons, and much more. Complete creative freedom without class restriction allows for the creation of vehicles that are as individual as their creators, perfectly suited to their preferred style of play.

Join a faction that fits your style – The world of Crossout is home to distinct factions players can join, each with a different way of life and combat style. Examples are the raging ‘Lunatics’, a loose group of individuals that prefer fast cars and close-quarters combat, or the ‘Nomads’, enigmatic characters that wander the wastes in the search of new technology. Today’s launch marks the release of a fifth faction, the ‘Steppenwolves’ – former military armed with a tactical approach, well-armoured vehicles, and long-range cannons. They add even more parts to the game, including mechanical legs that allow the creation of massive artillery platforms. In the future, fans can look forward to the release of addition factions with unique mechanics, armaments, and items.

Experience different game modes and maps – The battles in Crossout will take players to many different corners of the wastelands, starting from abandoned factories to dried-up riverbeds and destroyed cities. For launch, fans can enjoy new environments such as desert landscapes, deep canyons, and fortified settlements, where players will face exciting PvP action and PvE missions. In their quest for resources and dominance, players will attack settlements, defend merchant convoys from raiders, destroy oil rigs or try to defeat Leviathans, gigantic monsters of steel created by other players. In between battles, players can take a break in the new ‘Race’ mode. It is a downhill race for first place without the use of weapons.

Take part in a player controlled economy – There are several ways to earn the parts you need to create your perfect vehicle in Crossout. Earn loot in PvP battles or PvE missions, craft new equipment with the help of your faction, or purchase the desired weapons and car parts on the open in-game market, where supply and demand is entirely controlled by the players themselves. Earn coins to use in the market by selling surplus loot and resources, or restock your balance through the game’s store. Every player will be able to craft the perfect armoured vehicle as there are no items exclusively available for real money that influence a player’s performance in game.

Join the never ending battle today, and fight for your famed spot in the post-apocalyptic world of Crossout.

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