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Sawyer Scherbenske

Philip II, King of Spain the organizer of the Spanish armada during the late 16th century, is coming to rid the world of heresy and purify the world through faith, exploration, and money in Civilization VI. Spain’s ability, treasure fleet, harkens back to their golden age of ships and gold and grants trade between Spanish colonies on different continents extra yields and lets Spain combine ships into fleets earlier than other civs.

Philip II was also a faith fighter, and his military units show that passion by their bonuses against units of different faiths. Inquisitor units fight for Spain in Civ VI by getting an extra use to purge more infidels from your cities and by giving Spain’s unique military unit, the conquistador, “significant” bonuses when they share a hex with them, a missionary, or apostle. Finally, when a city is captured near a conquistador, that city instantly becomes whatever Spain’s majority religion is.

Spain is a powerful military power that’s great at exploring the world and making some profit on their ventures, but weaker than other civs at production, science, and consolidation. To help that, Spain’s unique improvement, the mission, provides faith, bonus faith when built on another continent from the capital city, and science when built next to a campus. They wouldn’t be holy warriors without faith and a mission after all right?

Official Press Release

2K and Firaxis Games today revealed that Philip II will lead Spain in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, launching on Oct 21st for Windows PC.

For 48 years, Philip II was king of the massive Spanish Empire, and the most powerful ruler in Europe during the 16th century. He championed the Catholic faith, utilizing the Spanish Inquisition and leading several religious conflicts.

In staunch defense of Catholicism, Philip organized a “Holy League” against the Ottoman Empire, halting their dominance across the Mediterranean at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. He later opposed Protestantism in England, and attempted to invade the country several times using his fleet of ships, the world-famous Spanish Armada.

Philip directly intervened during the French Wars of Religion between 1585 & 1595, financing the Catholic League and ultimately causing Catholicism to be the foremost religion in France.

Phillip II’s reign ushered in a golden era for Spain. Despite constant religious warfare, Spain’s culture flourished. Music, art, and literature boomed under Philip, culminating with the creation of the majestic El Escorial monastery and palace in 1595.

For more information, please see 2K’s official Civilization blog:

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