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Sawyer Scherbenske

The Viking Harald Hardrada of Norway, famous for his iron-fisted rule and raiding, has set his eyes on Civilization VI as his next conquest.

Hadrada’s ability is called “Thunderbolt of the North,” and it allows all melee units to perform coastal raids and embark or disembark without costing movement. His unique units are the longship, a naval melee unit that can perform coastal raids and heal itself in neutral territory, and the berserker, a melee land unit that’s faster, stronger, and can pillage with ease, but is worse at defending.

Norway isn’t all about wars and pillaging however. The stave church gives Norwegians the faith a temple would give, but generates bonus faith when next to woods. They’re also great at exploring thanks to their ability to traverse ocean tiles immediately after researching shipbuilding.

Norway’s Vikings were legendary for their ability to strike hard on ocean coasts and unmatched at their dedication to conquest. Between longboats, berserkers, and Hardrada’s unique abilities, Norway is a civ best at military conquest and early-game lockdown, letting you get the lead early on.

Hardrada and Norway brings the total confirmed civ count up to 12, with Mvemba a Nzinga for Kongo, Gandhi for India, Philip II for Spain, Barbossa for Germany, Tomyris for Scythia, Pedro II for Brazil, Queen Victoria for England, Catherine de’ Medici for France, Montezuma II for the Aztecs, Qin Shi Huang for China, Teddy Roosevelt for the USA, Cleopatra for Egypt, and Hojo Tokimune for Japan. Civilization VI will release for PC on October 21st.

Official Press Release

New to the Civilization series and leading Norway is the last Great Viking King Harald Hardrada.

Norway’s eventual king wasn’t always close to the throne. Exiled from his native land in 1030 after supporting his half-brother Olaf’s failed campaign, Hardrada sought refuge in Kievan Rus and later, Constantinople. Being a highly skilled warrior, he climbed the ranks of the Varangian Guard, earning the nickname “Devastator of the Bulgarians” after quelling an uprising.

In 1042 he returned to Norway and skillfully maneuvered his way into joint kingship with Magnus I. After Magnus’ passing, the now sole ruler of Norway warred with Sweyn, King of Denmark, in 1048 until 1064 before settling peacefully. He then attempted to claim the throne of England, perishing during the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

Hardrada’s reign was marked by war, but also by great progress. Peace flourished as Norway was unified under a strong government, new currency, external trade, and religious advancement.

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