Civilization VI – Greece and Pericles

Posted on 15 Sep 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Pericles, classical age Athenian and Grecian orator, will be replacing Alexander the Great in Civilization VI as Greece’s leader.

Greece’s unique ability is “Plato’s Republic,” which gives them another wild card slot no matter which government they choose. Greece also maintains its city state patronage aspect from Civ V, getting cultural bonuses for each city state that they’re the suzerain (strongest ally) for.

Their unique unit, Hoplites, are making their return from Civ V as well, with the bonus of added power when next to each other and extra flowy white capes. The acropolis is a new addition to civ that replaces the theater district, but gets higher cultural bonuses when next to other districts, and even more for being next to the city center, but must be on a hill.

Greece is a cultural civ much like Gandhi, but has a powerful government, military strength in the classical era, and benefits from strong alliances with city states.

Pericles and Greece brings the total confirmed civ count up to 15 in Civilization VI and will release for PC on October 21st.

Official Press Release

Pericles was an influential Greek statesman and general of the Athens army during the Golden Age of Athens. He oversaw a period of strong economic and cultural growth immediately following the successful defense against the invading Persian army in 478 BC.

After making peace with Persia, Pericles moved the unified Greek armies to Athens and what was a loose collection of independent Greek city-states soon after became the Athenian Empire. During this time of unification, Athens produced some of the most influential cultural artifacts humanity has ever seen, and was home to famous playwrights, historians, philosophers, physicians and more.

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