Civilization VI – Gorgo and Sparta

Posted on 13 Oct 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Before Pericles lead Greece with wisdom from Athens, Gorgo, a Spartan queen, commanded Grecian troops from Sparta and gave great council.

Just as Pericles does, Gorgo gets the same acropolis district, hoplite military unit, and the Plato’s republic special ability.

Where they differ is in war, where Gorgo gets special culture bonuses every time she defeats an enemy unit. This means while Pericles players sit back and read their books, Gorgo players get to play aggressively, and should aim for total destruction of a civilization and its units rather than heading straight to their capital.

Gorgo and Sparta brings the total confirmed civ count up to 19 in Civilization VI, and will release for PC on October 21st. Gorgo is predicted to be the last civ released with the base game.

Official Press Release

While not much is known about her childhood, history remembers Queen Gorgo of Sparta, married to King Leonidas I in the 5th century BC, as a wise politician and capable ruler. She reigned alongside her King during the Greco-Persian Wars, a series of conflicts between the Persian Empire and the independent Greek city-states, and aided King Leonidas in his quest to form a coalition to muster against the impending invasion from Xerxes.

Though Xerxes made some advancements and held a large chunk of Europe during his invasion, the Greeks eventually expelled the Persians from Europe and ensured no Persian soldiers stepped on Spartan soil.

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