Civilization VI – Germany and Frederick Barbarossa

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Sawyer Scherbenske

Frederick Barbarossa was the crusading King of Germany and the Holy Roman Emperor during the late 12th century who fought to restore the glory of the Romans and spread the Christian faith. Germans under Barbarossa were experts at fighting and conquering small cities, which is why they get an extra military policy slot and bonuses when fighting against city state units. If they survive until the modern era, the U-boat is Germany’s unique submarine unit which costs less and does more damage in deep-ocean tiles.

As far as city building goes, Germany is a production powerhouse. Germany receives the free imperial cities bonus, which lets them build one more district than the population limit would normally allow. You can use this extra district for anything, including building a hansa district, which increases production when placed around commercial hubs or resources. Production can be used for just about any victory strategy, but with Barbarossa’s bonuses against city states and the cheap yet powerful U-boat, Germany is looking to be a powerful late game military force.

Barbarossa’s Germany brings the total confirmed civ count up to nine with Tomyris for Scythia, Pedro II for Brazil, Queen Victoria for England, Catherine de’ Medici for France, Montezuma II for the Aztecs, Qin Shi Huang for China, Teddy Roosevelt for the USA, Cleopatra for Egypt, and Hojo Tokimune for Japan.

Official Press Release

2K and Firaxis Games today revealed that Frederick Barbarossa will lead Germany in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, launching on Oct 21st for Windows PC.

The charismatic Frederick Barbarossa served as the King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor for nearly 40 years. Using strong organizational skills and military intellect, Barbarossa adeptly sought peace in Germany while helming six expeditions into Italy in defiance of papal authority.

Barbarossa assimilated several Italian city-states, ultimately claiming direct Imperial control before settling peacefully with the opposition. In 1180 he looked inward, deposing Henry the Lion, one of the most powerful German princes of the time, and proclaimed peace throughout the Empire.

Despite tensions with the church and his advanced age, Barbarossa answered the call of the Third Crusade, perishing in his campaign. His heroism earned him legendary status in German folklore, in which it is said he sleeps in the Kyffhauser Mountain and will return to bring Germany to a golden age.

For more information, please see 2K’s official Civilization blog:

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