Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Queen Wilhelmina Trailer

Posted on 12 Dec 2017

One of the new civs making their way to Civilization 6 with expansion Rise and Fall is going to be the Netherlands with iconic ruler Queen Wilhelmina. Queen Victoria thought she was pretty, polite, and intelligent, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany could attest to her wry wit. Queen Wilhelmina herself is famous for maintaining Dutch neutrality in The Great War (WW1) and for inspiring the Dutch resistance in WW2. She reigned for 58 years.

The Netherlands unique unit will be De Zeven Provncien (The Seven Provinces), this class of ship was armed with a minimum of 80 guns and proved to be extremely formidable at both naval combat and laying siege to harbour cities. Their unique improvement is the Polders; low-lying tracts of land encircled by dikes, while useful for land reclamation and farming, they were also an excellent military defence as land could be quickly flooded to several feet deep. Grote Rivieren is their unique civ ability; campuses, theatres, and industrial zones gain adjacency bonuses with rivers. Lastly, we have their leader ability; Radio Oranje which will provide culture bonuses after establishing trade routes to and from foreign cities.

Civilization 6 Rise and Fall is releasing 8 February 2018.

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