Cinematic Driving in Mafia III

Posted on 09 May 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Driving in an open world game is a huge part of the experience and Mafia III is going to be no exception. Here the developers are aiming for a “cinematic experience” where “vehicles have weight”. This sounds good on paper, we all want a realistic experience…until we get it.

Unfortunate for the developer all I heard was that the vehicles will feel heavy and sluggish. From what I remember, in Mafia II you spent most of the time behind the wheel to a point where it felt just a bit too much no small part due to the way vehicles handled. Admittedly that was intentional as the vehicles back then were basically bricks on wheels but the time period in Mafia III hasn’t improved too drastically and just added more horsepower to the bricks.

I personally use only super-sport’s cars in open world games like GTA, Saint’s Row or Just Cause, but maybe I’m just wrong and can’t appreciate nice things. Am I though?

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