Check Out 17 Minutes of Mafia III and New Bordeaux

Posted on 23 Sep 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Alright, so technically the actual gameplay itself isn’t 17 minutes, as quite a bit of the opening is devoted to introducing us to the 10 districts of Mafia III’s New Bordeaux, and how the Italian mob has transformed at least four of them. But what is shown is some gorgeous landscapes, an imaginative documentary-style opening, one we’ll likely see near the beginning of the game, and some good old-fashioned gunplay. With the ability to pick and swap weapons at any time, along with some freedom in mission completion styles, Mafia III is striving ever further for an alternative to the high-flying GTA series.

You too can roam the streets of New Bordeaux, killing gangsters and freeing your city on October 7th.

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