Broken Roads Says No Broken Faces

Posted on 20 May 2023 by
L Coulsen

Obligatory Mad Max reference. Broken Roads is set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, and it has a pacifist route. Though they say it will take a lot of work to pull off. Check the video and pres release for more details.

Official Press Release

Post-apocalyptic narrative-driven RPG
Broken Roads reveals pacifist playthroughs

Victoria, Australia – May 17th, 2023 – Independent game studio Drop Bear Bytes, in partnership with Versus Evil, have revealed that Broken Roads, their upcoming isometric RPG set in the Australian post-apocalyptic outback, will offer pacifist playthroughs. That means that it will be possible for cunning players to complete the game without combat or killing anyone, when Broken Roads releases later this year on PC, Switch, Playstation and Xbox platforms.
Pacifist playthroughs will only be possible for certain character builds. Just because you won’t be getting into fisticuffs doesn’t mean your adventure will be easy though, as to complete the game as a pacifist, you’re going to have to really think about your decisions, the reactions of your companions to your choices, the interests of the people and factions you’re encountering and – of course – the kinds of quest resolutions you decide to pursue. For instance, you probably shouldn’t go accepting a mercenary hit job or running around pissing everyone off and expect there won’t be violent repercussions.

To commemorate this reveal, Drop Bear Bytes has released a new trailer showing off some new, never before seen locations.

Watch the Broken Roads Pacifist trailer
Next up, the game’s Audio Lead and Composer, Tim Sunderland, has posted the second of his Broken Roads OST tracks, Stonefish, to YouTube. We’ll be adding another one every month on the Broken Roads Dev Blog for you to enjoy.

Broken Roads is a narrative-driven RPG that brings exploration, strategic turn-based combat and meaningful philosophical choices to an all-new Australian post-apocalyptic setting. Broken Roads skillfully blends traditional and all-new role-playing elements on top of a classless system offering near-unlimited character development options built around four philosophies: Humanist, Utilitarian, Machiavellian, and Nihilist. Furthermore the game presents players with an original morality system: the Moral Compass which sees dialogue options and questing decisions influence, and be influenced by, a character’s philosophical leaning and the tough decisions they make along the way.

Listen to the new Broken Roads OST song Stonefish
Broken Roads’ locations are all authentic recreated from the team visiting towns and landmarks in West Australia and taking photos, videos and audio recordings for it to be as true as possible. Furthermore, even the game’s atmospheric soundtrack composed by Tim Sunderland is composed with instruments constructed from everyday objects which brings a wholly unique and distinctive tone to the game.

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