Bravely Default 2 – Steam Release

Posted on 27 Aug 2021

No, you didn’t read that wrong, the third Bravely game (after 3DS exclusives Bravely Default and Bravely Second), Bravely Default 2 is not only on Switch but is releasing on Steam on 2 September 2021, a first for the series. The Bravely series are JRPGs with in-depth job and skill systems where you can also “brave” and take up to four turns ahead of time, or “default” and save up multiple turns to take whenever you want, allowing for either stomping easy encounters or deeper tactics in more difficult ones. Check out the announcement trailer above and press release below for more info.

Official Press Release



Save 10% by Pre-Purchasing, Now Until September 13

LONDON (Aug. 26, 2021) – SQUARE ENIX Ltd. today announced that the critically-acclaimed RPG BRAVELY DEFAULT™ II will make its debut on PC via STEAM® on September 2, 2021. Fans can save 10% on the game by purchasing it through STEAM now until September 13, 2021. Previously available on Nintendo Switch™ system, BRAVELY DEFAULT II follows the adventures of four unlikely heroes, Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle, as they set out across the land of Excillant in search of four elemental crystals.

To watch the “BRAVELY DEFAULT II | Steam Trailer” now, visit:

PC gamers and newcomers alike can soon discover the thrilling Brave and Default systems of BRAVELY DEFAULT II on STEAM, where great risk can lead to even greater rewards in the game’s turn-based battles. Players can enjoy customising their party using the job system to find the optimal composition to take down challenging bosses. BRAVELY DEFAULT II features music from Revo, who makes his return from the original BRAVELY DEFAULT, and an original storyline featuring four new Heroes of Light. Full of exploration, charm, and strategy, the STEAM version of BRAVELY DEFAULT II also features controller support and various resolution options.

BRAVELY DEFAULT II is rated PEGI 12 and will be available for PC (STEAM) on September 2, 2021 with English and Japanese audio, and English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese text. For more information, visit:

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