Bees, Butter, and AI War 2

Posted on 16 Dec 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

“Buttery Smooth and Covered in Bees” is how Chris Park (founder of Arken Games)  describes AI War 2. The video above is somewhat lacking in the usual bombastic light show we’ve grown used to in marketing trailers. Instead, here there’s just a whiteboard, Chris, and his infectious enthusiasm for this innovative RTS sequel.

Just nine weeks ago the AI War 2 Kickstarter campaign was launched. This gave me an excellent opportunity to “wax lyrical” about the wonderful Arken Games, and its broad range of innovative titles.

On Monday the AI War 2 Kickstarter will come to an end. The campaign so far has surpassed its funding goal of $50k, as well as the first two stretch goals (hour long soundtrack and Spire, extra playable race), at $86k pledged so far, AI War 2 may even reach the third stretch goal ($90K) which introduces Nemesis, a new, tougher, game mode for those feeling really masochistic.

Official Press Release

Arcen Games is excited to announce that AI War 2 — a sequel to the award-winning, genre breaking, asymmetric strategy cult classic, and the most sentient AI in games — will launch May 29th, 2017 on Steam in Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In related news, Arcen’s Kickstarter for AI War 2 has surpassed its funding goal and is heading toward its third stretch goal ahead of its conclusion on Monday, December 19th. We’re thrilled, and encouraging fans to join our mailing list for major announcements during development. The current goal, if met, will add The Nemesis — a diabolical new enemy within the AI.

The latest campaign update has more info on the AI as well, and below you’ll find a few videos and media assets we’ve put together for the game.

AI War 2Prototype Combat Video

Combat Video #2

Covered in Bees! Whiteboarding AI War 2 with series creator Chris Park

AI War 2: “Midnight” Piano Track by series composer Pablo Vega

Arcen (Ar-ken) Games happened to launch their first game, AI War: Fleet Command, right at the start of the main indie boom in 2009. The game went on to critical acclaim that the company has yet to top, with AI War frequently being listed among the top strategy games of all time by major publications such as Rock, Paper Shotgun. Arcen has gone through a lot of game genres and company evolution over the past 7 years, with a flurry of new things recently: moving into 3D, our first kickstarters, and soon — shhh, it’s a secret to everybody — VR.

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