Battlezone VR Campaign Trailer

Posted on 15 Mar 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

The Tron-like reboot of the 1980’s original BattlezonBattlezone VR – got a campaign (and cockpit) reveal trailer. Unfortunately from the description it doesn’t sound like there is much story in the campaign as it will be entirely procedurally generated including the missions.

The game is set to release as a PlayStation VR launch title but Rebellion has stated that it is coming out on PC eventually but if you are eager for some BZ sooner then the Battlezone 98 Redux is coming out this spring. In the meantime look over the press release and screenshots below.

Official Press Release

Oxford, UK – March 7th 2016 – Independent developer and publisher Rebellion has lifted the lid on the explosive tank-busting campaign included in their upcoming Battlezone reboot for PlayStation VR.

No two campaigns will play the same
Delivering a dynamic campaign that blends procedural and randomised content, no two players will experience the same playthrough – offering a substantial campaign experience with near unlimited replayability.

Whenever a player starts a new campaign, the game’s “Hex” campaign map is re-generated procedurally, and dozens of environments, levels and mission types are blended together in new combinations for a completely different experience each time. Then it’s up to the players to forge their own path to the game’s epic finale.

A first look at the new cockpit and environments
Battlezone’s latest campaign trailer also showcases the game’s impressive revamped VR cockpit, brand new enemies and diverse environments including a new night-time arena, glowing industrial environments, windswept ice wastes, and a heavily updated version of the “neon” level made famous in the game’s original teaser.

Rebellion CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley doesn’t shy away from what the independent studio wants to offer with its PlayStation VR launch title:

“I think VR has an unfair reputation for just offering cool bitesize experiences, but we want to come out firing and deliver the kind of substantial content early-adopters are crying out for.”

“Obviously we’re hoping that Battlezone will be one of the first PlayStation VR games players buy, but we’re also designing it to be the one they return to time and time again … once VR has taken over the world of course!”


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L Coulsen
Posted 15 Mar 2016, 16:04
It's nice to see a colourful game that's going all out for a change. Just balls to the wall, bright fluorescent cyberpunk gaudiness.