BattleZone 98 Redux Red Odyssey Returns

Posted on 08 Jun 2016 by
David Pink

Seems BattleZone 98 Redux lovers are in for a treat! Fans of the original 1998 classic might remember the huge expansion DLC ‘The Red Odyssey’…well, those within North America that is, since it was never released anywhere else. Luckily, for those who missed out on it the first time around, Rebellion announced that they’re bringing the popular DLC back for everyone to enjoy! Bringing with it several new multiplayer maps, 30 new vehicle and building units, two new factions to fight with on 23 missions across two new campaigns and to top it all off, Big Boat Interactive is showing ‘The Red Odyssey’ some love with a spiffy new makeover, just as the remastered base game received before it!

If that wasn’t amazing enough, Rebellion just released a DRM-free edition of BattleZone 98 Redux with a 33% discount on while we all wait for the new expansion to be released sometime this summer, which will be simultaneously launching on both GOG and Steam services.

For more details about the upcoming DLC, please take a look at the press release below.

Official Press Release

Oxford, UK – June 8th, 2016 – Independent UK developer & publisher Rebellion has revealed their acclaimed remaster BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX is to receive a huge DLC expansion, THE RED ODYSSEY.

Featuring new campaigns, factions, multiplayer maps and more, THE RED ODYSSEY content has been much sought-after by Battlezone fans as the original expansion never saw a release outside of North America. Like the base game, this expansion is receiving the same loving remaster treatment courtesy of Big Boat Interactive.

The announcement comes as Rebellion celebrates another Battlezone milestone today: The arrival of a DRM-free edition of BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX on, with a special 33% launch discount!

THE RED ODYSSEY expansion will launch simultaneously on Steam and later this summer.


With war escalating in the wide reaches of space, the Americans take to Jupiter and its moons in pursuit of the Russians and powerful technology. On the previously quiet satellite of Ganymede, the US forces discover an unexpected threat, with the power to carve its own place in history…

BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX: THE RED ODYSSEY expansion includes:

– Two new factions: The NDSF Black Dogs and the Chinese Red Army.

– 23 missions across two new campaigns.

– 30 powerful new vehicle and building units.

– 5 new multiplayer maps.

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David Pink
Posted 10 Jun 2016, 00:04
Looking forward to this, I never played the original back in '98, but I did power through 'Redux' and It did grow on me over time, ended up enjoying it quite a bit and now... a ton of extra stuff coming to it, pretty much an entire game being added, pretty damn sweet if you ask me.