Battlezone 98 Redux Is Out

Posted on 18 Apr 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

This is a glorious day, at least for me, because Battlezone 98 Redux is finally out. The game was hell of a fun back when I was still little and now, with the power of technology, and Steam, the game is back in glorious HD, with up-rez’ed textures and reworked models, and mods support via Steam Workshop. Better yet you can have it all for a reasonable price of £14.99/$19.99 (or less if you get it during the launch window).

I have really fond memories of the good old days and seeing games that I used to love with a fresh paint of coat really warms my heart. The only thing that keeps nagging at the back of my head is can the good old games hold its own with today’s standards? After all, the HD version is exactly the way I remember the game. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Even with all that said I am happy to see that Rebellion are teasing yet more Redux’s. We will definitely be keeping an eye out and informing when more info comes out as well as and hoping for Battlezone 2. To get more details on all this just glance over the press release below as well as look through the screenshots in the gallery.

Official Press Release

Oxford, UK – 18th April, 2016 –  Battlezone 98 Redux is available right now on Steam!

A surprise reveal during a Rebellion Twitch stream, the much anticipated remaster of Battlezone (1998) is finally out in the wild, providing the definitive version of one of the most beloved sci-fi strategy titles ever made.

Rebellion also revealed it has more ‘Redux’ remasters in development, urging fans to keep an eye out for future announcements.

Developed by Big Boat Interactive and published by Rebellion, Battlezone 98 Redux reinvigorates the original with remastered HD visuals, Steam Workshop mods support and online multiplayer, while carefully preserving the game’s iconic blend of first-person vehicular combat and real-time strategy.


  • > Two explosive singleplayer campaigns
  • > Competitive online multiplayer for up to 8 players
  • > Mod support via Steam Workshop and custom map editor
  • > Re-modelled, high-polygon vehicles, buildings, and terrain
  • > Upgraded lighting, shadows, and improved particle effects
  • > Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, Cloud Saves and more.


“We’re thrilled to be bringing an IP as iconic as Battlezone back into contemporary gaming, starting today with Battlezone 98 Redux.” said Rebellion CEO & Co-founder Jason Kingsley.

“We’re also delighted to reveal we have more Redux games in the pipeline. We are blessed with a vast library of games and properties, and we are well aware fans are keen for us to give some of our other games the remaster treatment.”

Battlezone 98 Redux is available now on Steam for PC, priced £14.99 / $19.99 USD, and Rebellion is offering a special 20% discount during the first week on sale.

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