Battlefront’s Third DLC Takes Us to the Death Star

Posted on 16 Sep 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Touting five maps, the classic Death Star trench run, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing, and more, the third DLC in the cycle for EA’s Battlefront looks to add more variety to somewhat overshadowed game’s release. A new game mode, weapons, gadgets and two new heroes round out the offering, offered as part of the Season Pass. Long sight angles inside the Death Star hangars and the wreckage of ships are contrasted with the dogfight-rich open arenas in the space above the Death Star, all combining in one beautiful package.

The two new heroes in question are Chewbacca and Bossk. Chewbacca is designed around forming a massive “wall of death,” by way of his modified bowcaster. Area-of-effect skills and an ability that increases his damage dealt and armor for a limited time means that the Rebels will look to Chewbacca for their first massive, lumbering tank that spews damage. On the flipside, the Empire has been given Bossk, a hero designed around quick hit-and-run tactics, though not toting a jetpack, as with Boba Fett. A blaster that can be modified to fire miniature grenades, poison gas, and a burst of speed round out his kit, to contrast Chewbacca.

Prior to the release of Death Star comes a free trial of the Bespin maps, game modes, and weaponry. Perhaps designed to give players a glimpse of what they’re missing by choosing to skip the Season Pass, regardless, the free look runs from September 12th through September 18th. Whether this is enough to save the floundering release on PC is hard to say, but hopefully, with the release of the $15 DLC later this month, some life will be breathed into Battlefront.

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