Battlefront to Bring Back Bots

Posted on 14 Jul 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Star Wars Battlefront was a disappointment in a lot of gamer’s minds, especially at launch. It was mostly carried by its name while not containing enough substance. To be fair it did get more content…for a price, but it had nothing on the older Battlefront games.

Well today DICE announced that they will be bringing back offline mode which is going to be called Skirmish. If anything that means the game will not just die when people aren’t around and it gives hope that it can live on when EA eventually decides to shut down the servers. Though as good as it sounds the Skirmish is still pretty limited. For the time being only Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes will be playable with bots and it cannot be enjoyed in co-op (unless you’re on a console where you’ll get splitscreen). But if this has a positive effect on the game it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that DICE might add the rest of the modes and let you enjoy some bot battles with friends.

In the announcement there is also a mention of the third DLC pack for the game – Death Star. Not much is known about that except for what just makes sense considering the title but EA will be showing it off during a livestream this Saturday. As for Skirmish, it is coming on the 20th of July. I will certainly be looking to play more against something that won’t t-bag me when they kill me, what about you?

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 15 Jul 2016, 19:49
They already said that there will be a campaign in the sequel. Wonder how they will call it this time, Battlefront 2 II?

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Posted 15 Jul 2016, 18:36
They still need to add Conquest and Space Battles back in for it to be worth anything. Secondary would be Galactic Conquest and maybe some sort of campaign.