Battlefield 1 Heads Eastward with the In The Name of the Tsar Expansion

Posted on 20 Sep 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Packing six new maps, 11 new guns and more variants, three new vehicles, plus a host of changes that migrated from Battlefield 4, the latest expansion for DICE’s Battlefield 1 engages the deadlier Eastern front with In The Name of the Tsar. Touted as the “biggest Battlefield expansion yet,” there’s quite a bit to unpack, so I’ll hit on some of the larger notes. The full list of changes can be found here.

The six maps run the gamut on the tumultuous time in Russian history, with two maps having the White Army and Red Army face off in battles from the Russian Civil War, two maps engaging the massive Brusilov Offensive, which saw 1.7 million Russian soldiers battle against 1 million Triple Alliance soldiers, and two other maps detailing other offensives. Far removed from the “mud and blood” of the Western front, the maps all make heavy use of the Eastern European winter, and its harsh conditions.

What is warfare without tools? As mentioned above, 11 new weapons make an appearance, plus three new vehicles. Of note is the Ilya Muromets heavy bomber, the Mosin Nagant M91 rifle, and changes to the cavalry. Players who mount on horseback can now outfit as Hussars, and carry a deadly-looking lance to boot.

As far as changes are concerned, one of the major systems from Battlefield 4, Specializations, is appearing again in Battlefield 1. Now with some more drastic changes than its predecessor, players can now unlock different specializations, and customize them to their play style. In other words, departing from Battlefield 4‘s system where you picked a “deck” of four pre-selected specializations, you chose your own ones, picking from seven universal perks and two class-specific ones. Specializations now also are more centered around gadget use by classes, instead of simply providing a flat reduction in damage or giving you more ammo to work with.

All of these changes offer more choices and content to a game that sorely needs it. It’s hard, comparing the stellar Battlefield 4, with its years of patches and content updates to Battlefield 1, but with every new expansion and patch, Battlefield 1 gets a little bit closer. We’ll see just where DICE decides to go with the next Battlefield.

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