Banner Saga 3 – Horseborn Trailer

Posted on 11 May 2018

Spoiler alert: there are centaurs in Banner Saga games and they’re super rad just like you’d expect from anything Banner Saga. The latest vignette trailer, embedded above, takes a look at Canary and her people who have travelled to Arberrang, the last standing city, in an attempt to survive the coming darkness. They should’ve gone to Brighton and given pony rides, they’d have made a killing in the summer.

Banner Saga 3 is coming out 24 July 2018.

Official Press Release

Banner Saga 3 Vignette Trailer Series: Horseborn, the Race of Legend

Friday 11th May 2018, Indie publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with indie developer Stoic, today released the latest character vignette trailer from its current series aimed at highlighting the influential characters which will appear in the release of the final installment of the award winning Viking role playing game, The Banner Saga.

Banner Saga 3 – Horseborn, the Race of Legend

Not much is known about this legendary race but they have proven loyal so far and have stood side by side with humans and varl alike. However, will that change as tensions rise among those forced into Arberrang as the end draws near? Find out this summer when the final installment of the award winning RPG series launches on July 24th for PC, MAC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and SWITCH.

Pre-order Banner Saga 3 on PC/MAC today – STEAM and GOG.

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