Anno 2205: Tundra Sector Now Unlocked

Posted on 29 Feb 2016 by
Lee Braden

Blue Byte has released the much awaited Tundra update for Anno 2205 today, giving us a full 82,000 acre (331sq km or 128sq miles) territory to build upon and to explore. The new area gives us Tundra Scientists and Tundra Protectors as new population classes, along with 5 new chains and 10 goods types along with existing chains to balance their needs. The new area comes with a sector quest as well, involving past failures of technology, which expert review could lead to new ways of improving Earth.

Also included today is a free update called “Corporation HQ”. This update gives better progression screen with easier to understand screens and accesses to the achievements tracker as well as a better NPC selling screen.

For more details look through the official press release below.

Official Press Release

London, UK– 29 February, 2016 – Today, Ubisoft® released Anno 2205™: Tundra, the first major DLC for the city-building simulation from Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio, along with a free update available today for all 2205 players. With Tundra, players will have access to a brand new sector to manage along with the Temperate, Artic and Moon sessions. In the desolate land of the Vanha Plains, players will gather new resources and complete specific quests to further improve their metropolises.

In this new 82,000 acre territory, players will discover new gameplay tactics as they need to dry the marshes before settling in the area among the muskoxen and the icy surroundings. Two new population types are also available, the Tundra Scientists and the Tundra Protectors, of which players will have to manage their specific needs. In order to fulfill these needs, five new production chains and ten new goods types challenge players to use their management skills more effectively.

A new additional module type can be unlocked by solving the sector quest and inquiring on the past generations failures. This module improves farms and factories in the Tundra sector, but also in all other regions of the game. Throughout the story quests and optional side quests, players will control a futuristic flying vehicle to hover over the desert landscapes.

A free update named “Corporation HQ” is also available today for all Anno 2205 players. This patch enhances the corporation progression screen to make it more intuitive, and to provide a good overview of the player’s achievements and improvements. With this update, players can now sell goods depending on requests to NPC traders.

Tundra is available to owners of the Anno 2205’s Season Pass, and can be purchased independently for all players.

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