Anarki Rises in Quake Champions

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Hey look guys, it’s another Quake Champion! Today it’s a character who’s stuck in the 70’s, kind of…he does have a hover-board, so I guess that makes him some sort of sci-fi…steam…punk? No? Whatever…

The new footage shows us that Anarki is a more fast paced character then previous champions, which is nice, since I got the feeling that Quake isn’t the twitch shooter I was hoping it  would be. This anarchist dude can inject himself with a syringe to heal himself, of course…why wouldn’t he, right? Gotta keep the stereotypes alive! Oh, and he likes jumping around like he’s in a mosh pit which actually increases his speed because he’s on a super-rad hover-board!

So yeah, it’s a bit of silly character, but that’s exactly what I want for some reason, just some fun and not so serious stuff in my videogames. Check out Quake Champions new website where all the characters that have been announced are listed with descriptions and basic stats about their health, armor and speed, the good stuff you know.

Official Press Release

Let’s talk about Anarki. He’s a great example of how not all Champions in Quake Champions are gritty, marauding, galactic warlords like Scalebearer. We also have counter-culture, 90s-esque sh*t-talkers who are loud and weird and let’s be honest: sick in the head.

Love him or hate him, Quake III Arena veterans will recognize Anarki immediately from his days flying through the maps on his signature hoverboard. The board’s back, the mohawk’s back, and so is his drug-addled, cybernetically enhanced transhuman attitude. Anarki is all about speed – and needles – and his hoverboard means you are going to be moving fast. Really fast.

For even more info on Anarki’s backstory, go to his just-launched page on the game’s web site.

REMINDER: If players want to get a head start on practicing their fragging skills – now is the time to sign-up for the Beta at  Go. GO.

CHAMPION PROFILE: Anarki – Transhuman Punk

Starting Statistics:

  • Starting Health: 75
  • Starting Armor: 25
  • Speed: 320

Active Ability – Health Injection: Taking too much damage? Good thing for you Anarki is well-versed in various performance enhancing … treatments. Use the Health Injection Active Ability to give Anarki a quick heal mid-match. Juice it up, baby!

Passive Ability – Hoverboard Air Control: Anarki’s hoverboard is a brutal bonus. Anarki is already one of the fastest Champions in the game, but the hoverboard means he can actually gain speed as he strafe-jumps around the Arenas, reaching a ludicrous velocity. In addition, his hoverboard awards a special Passive Ability that allows players more control in mid-air to turn sharply and chase down enemies or escape those who dare follow him up a jump pad.

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