AMD’s GDC Event – Very Little About Vega

Posted on 01 Mar 2017 by
Nail Garejev

Many people have expected AMD to finally announce their high performance Vega GPUs at Game Developers Conference. It seems that Nvidia expected that as well, announcing the GTX 1080 Ti the same day. Unfortunately, there was little information about Vega.

We now know, that new cards will be released under the name Radeon RX Vega, rather than numerical name, similar to R9 Fury cards in previous generation. There was also the mention of the benefits of HBM and improved FP16 performance in games. That might mean that, unlike Nvidia, AMD will put this feature in gaming cards as well. Unfortunately, that was nearly everything mentioned about Vega at the event.

Other announcements were more closely aimed at developers and give a hint at what we might expect in the future. SteamVR has introduced an Asynchronous Reprojection at the end of the last year to mask frame drops by quickly modifying the last fully rendered frame on GPU. At the moment only Nvidia cards support it, AMD will support it in new drivers this month. Together with Epic Games, AMD has been working on improving the forward rendering in Unreal Engine, which would allow proper MSAA, which is very important in VR.

Finally, AMD has announced a long term partnership with Bethesda to implement Vulkan in their games and improve the performance on multi-core CPUs.

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