ADOME Coming Out In May

Posted on 03 Feb 2022 by
Simon Sirmenis

Remember ADOME? Yeah I don’t blame you, it’s been a while since we’ve heard about this game. It was planned to come out around Autumn 2020 but I guess with all that’s happened it got slightly pushed back. Well, this time we have some good news, the game is set to release in May with the physical release set for September.

Here is hoping it doesn’t slide again, although as Battlefield and Cyberpunk showed us, it’s better to delay than have the game in those states.

Official Press Release

ADOME What happens when we feel lonely?

The incredible action-adventure, platforming, and first-person exploration will come to Steam and PlayStation 5 at the end of May from studio Timsea Studios.


ADOME is a first-person action-adventure video game developed with the powerful Unreal Engine.

In a utopian city prepared to withstand climate change, humanoid robots called Instructors must care for children to ensure the future of humanity. But something goes wrong and the city is uninhabited. You are an instructor named IB1 and this first-person action-adventure will change the way you see the world forever.


ADOME takes place in a post-climate change future in which humanity has been forced to build a utopian city capable of resisting extreme weather effects to house previously selected children, where they will be educated by humanoid robots called instructors, among them the main character, IB1. And thus ensure the future of the human race. But something goes wrong and the city is left uninhabited.


The player must guide IB1 through the City of Light and other incredible scenarios, overcoming obstacles using parkour moves and fighting against robotic enemies, while discovering a story that will astonish the storyline and visually and that seeks to raise awareness about climate change, the problems of today’s society and the loneliness of human beings.

 Move: IB1’s speed and agility allow you to enjoy incredible parkour moves and intense combat.

– Discover the truth: Immerse yourself in an exciting story that deals as never before with the problems of today’s society and the loneliness of human beings.

– New Generation: Thanks to new technologies and the first-person view, every jump and every impact becomes sharper. Live the new generation and enjoy organic scenarios that will make you feel inside them.

ADOME will arrive in physical edition in September

“In a forest, there was a stream, she saw it… She saw the water flowing through the trees, rocks, and vegetation. And she decided she wanted to be like the water… to flow. To be life.”

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