A Giant’s Shadow Creeps Across Battlefield 1

Posted on 13 Dec 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

In the December update for the monumental World War I shooter, Battlefield 1, a new map, weapon balances and general bugfixes are all hitting the game today. The full list of changes is available here, along with developer DICE’s reasoning behind some of the changes. One of the more interesting changes coming to Battlefield 1 is the addition of a new custom game mode: Standard Issue Rifles, which sees each faction only able to equip base versions of their respective factions’ rifles, as a way to more properly convey the feeling of trench warfare.

With the patch we will also see the release of Giant’s Shadow, a map set during the Battle of the Selle, which saw British forces breaking through the Hindenburg line, as they battle the remnants of the German Empire attempting to defend the last territories before Berlin. A mammoth crashed airship dominates the battlefield, the armored train makes a reappearance, and a new weapon comes alongside Giant’s Shadow: a grenade-launching crossbow.

If it sounds ridiculous (and it is, mind you), trench warfare did see soldiers improvising crossbow artillery to shoot all manner of explosives at their enemies. Premium owners get access to Giant’s Shadow and the grenade crossbow starting today, December 13th, while everyone else gets access for free on the 20th.

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