5 Minutes of The Entropy Centre Gameplay

Posted on 18 Aug 2022

Developers Stubby Games and publisher Playstack have released five minutes of gameplay from their upcoming sci-fi first person puzzle game The Entropy Centre. It has a bit of a Portal vibe, with the main character’s tool being called PEE and having a chipper personality – oh, and it rewinds time on objects so you solve puzzles by thinking backwards.

Official Press Release

Bend Time and Your Mind in The Entropy Centre’s New 5 Minute Gameplay Video Walkthrough

Think in reverse and overcome deviously smart puzzles in The Entropy Centre

London, UK – Aug. 18, 2022 — Publisher Playstack and developer Stubby Games are excited to reveal a whopping 5 minutes of fresh gameplay from their highly-anticipated title, The Entropy Centre. Get acquainted with the game’s unique mind-bending, time-manipulating take on puzzle mechanics and soak in the witty banter between protagonist Aria and her trusty talking entropy weapon, ASTRA. Challenging players to think in reverse and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, The Entropy Centre will be making its way to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this year.

Players join the game’s protagonist, Aria, as she awakens inside the bowels of a colossal space station—The Entropy Centre—in near-orbit of Earth. Two immediate problems face her: Earth has been set ablaze from an extinction-level event, and The Entropy Centre itself appears abandoned and on the brink of imminent collapse.

With the aid of ASTRA—a talking gun capable of moving objects backwards in time—Aria can restore the facility’s collapsed bridges, reassemble destroyed pathways, and overcome ingeniously complex puzzles to progress to the core of The Entropy Centre in the hope of surviving this seemingly doomed space station and, somehow, finding a way home.

The truth behind The Entropy Centre’s imminent collapse, and the Earth’s demise, can be found at the heart of this sprawling facility. But will Aria accept the unfortunate truth that awaits her?

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