GAME PROFILE 27 Mar 2017 by David

Day of Infamy

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ANNOUNCEMENT 18 Mar 2017­ by Max Halcomb

Sniper Elite 4 Gets Its First Story Expansion

Here's a surprise for Sniper Elite fans, the first story expansion for Sniper Elite 4 is out next week. Deathstorm, the first premium story expansion releases on March 21. This mission is set after the events of the main game and pits Karl Fairburne against the Nazis and the Manhattan Project. In addition to Deathstorm,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Mar 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Steal the Treasures of Nazi Germany in RAID: World War II

The first trailer in 2017 for Croatian developer Lion Game Lion’s upcoming game, RAID: World War II has been released, prior to the game’s appearance at PAX East. Having previously worked on DLC for Payday, their first effort steps well into the past, into the most destructive conflict in human history. Taking place far from the front-lines of…
GAME PROFILE 08 Mar 2017 by David

RAID: World War II

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ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Mar 2017­ by Bis18marck70

Steel Division – Normandy ’44

Eugen Systems, developer of the acclaimed real-time RTS Wargame series, have partnered up with Paradox Interactive for Steel Division – Normandy '44. The brand new Tactical RTS will feature historically accurate units battling across France in the aftermath of D-Day. Coming with a Multiplayer game mode that should be familiar to Wargame fans and a…
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Steel Division: Normandy 44

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ANNOUNCEMENT 31 Jan 2017­ by Simon Sirmenis

The 101 of Sniper Elite 4

In what is becoming a trend, Rebellion have released a new 101 video for the upcoming Sniper Elite 4. The narrator takes us through the basics, all the way through Campaign, Combat, Enemies, Weapons and Multiplayer. Unsurprisingly SE4 is going to be bigger and better than any previous Sniper Elite game. Due to the timing…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Dec 2016­ by Max Halcomb

Sniper Elite 4’s Target Führer Reveal Trailer

Well folks, the newest Sniper Elite is fast approaching, and what has become a staple of the series, the 'Target Führer' special mission, gives us yet another chance at taking the affable Mr. Hitler out to pasture. With a newer version of the Asura engine, that powered Sniper Elite 3, you will be able to…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Dec 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Sudden Strike 4… Still Nothing New to Report?

I feel the need to apologize on behalf of Kalypso, the above trailer for Sudden Strike 4 shows very little difference to the one they sent us four months ago. When I complained about the lack of details and the lack of originality for their upcoming game. In their defense, the news that Sudden Strike 4 can…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Dec 2016­ by Lee Braden

Well, Now You Are Enlisted Soldier

Continuing with their near-accurate games, Gaijin Entertainment has teamed up with Darkflow Software to release Enlisted. Taking the realism that we see in War Thunder, and also in Blackmill Games’ Verdun, you will play as a soldier in a unit with objectives and fight near-historical battles down to the last man. Going away from with the…
GAME PROFILE 12 Dec 2016 by David


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ANNOUNCEMENT 06 Dec 2016­ by David Pink

Sniper Elite 4 First Story Trailer Revealed

Were you growing weary of not seeing much about Rebellion’s upcoming sequel to the award winning Sniper Elite franchise? Well, park your keister right here and stay awhile, cause' I got some news for you! Earlier today, Rebellion released the first ever story trailer for Sniper Elite 4. The first in a series of upcoming story…
NEWS 20 Sep 2016­ by David Pink

Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay Trailer Debut

The developers behind the critically acclaimed and award winning Sniper Elite franchise, Rebellion, have just released the world exclusive debut trailer featuring gameplay from their upcoming sequel, Sniper Elite 4. This brutally realistic and visceral tactical third-person, stealth-action, WWII shooter comes packed with plenty of improvements and additional features from its earlier installments, as well…
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Sudden Strike 4

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