GAME PROFILE 22 Jun 2017 by David

Gold Rush: The Game

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NEWS 15 Jun 2017­ by David Pink

Pro Cycling 2017 Races to the Finish Line

At the beginning of June, I've made mention about Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio's hyper-realistic, Le Tour de France cycling/management simulator's imminent release, welp, that day has finally arrived! For all you bicycling enthusiasts out there, head on over to your storefront of choice, because these bad boys are now available for PlayStation 4,…

El Presidente Returns to Tropico!

Get out your favorite red baseball cap with white font on them 'cause El Presidente is coming back to make Tropico great again! Kalypso Media and Lumbic Entertainment are thrilled to announce the return of the Dictator simulator series with Tropico 6. Once again, gamer's can rule the isles with an iron fist, or be…
NEWS 02 Jun 2017­ by Stephen Haselden

Starship Theory – Uncertainty Principle in Effect

In theory, an average human can survive for 2 minutes in space, but why take the risk? That's what we have spaceships for. Starship Theory allows you to build your ideal space survival vehicle, all while mining, trading, and fighting your way across space. As much management sim as is sandbox, Starship Theory bears more…
GAME PROFILE 02 Jun 2017 by David

Starship Theory

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The Next F1 Iconic Classic Car Revealed

Codemasters and Koch Media are pleased to reveal the next classic F1 car to be added to their illustrious F1 2017 vehicle roster. In the above showcase trailer, winner of the World Constructors' 2010 Championship, the Red Bull Racing RB6 rolls onto the track. Details about today's classic car to enter the race (the fourth entry…

Pro Cycling 2017 Gameplay Trailer Reveal

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio's hard work to push the envelope of realism can be seen in today's first gameplay reveal trailer for Pro Cycling Manager 2017. With aims of creating the most in-depth cycling simulator that captures the energy and excitement of Le Tour de France to date. Set to launch this June…
NEWS 30 May 2017­ by Max Halcomb

Multiplayer XFIELD Paintball FPS Released on Steam

Ever wanted to play paintball but too much of a wuss to risk getting shot? Well now you can play the most authentic paintball game to date, sans being shot, in Xfield Paintball 3. This is a multiplayer tactical FPS where you utilize tactics to humiliate the other team. When a match begins one player…
GAME PROFILE 30 May 2017 by David

XField Paintball 3

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ANNOUNCEMENT 18 May 2017­ by K-putt

Official F1 2017 Game Announced

As a big Formula 1 fan, I couldn’t be more stoked about this years new F1 game. Much faster cars, wider tires with completely new aerodynamic rules are part of the F1 2017 package. And since a rule change isn’t interesting enough, Codemasters are also adding 12 of the most iconic F1 cars from the…
GAME PROFILE 18 May 2017 by Hendrik

F1 2017

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ANNOUNCEMENT 23 Dec 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Hellion Looks to Warp Into Steam Early Access

A multiplayer space survival sim set among the ruins of a failed human colony; nothing bad could possibly happen here, right? This setting is precisely where Zero Gravity Games places you in Hellion, the first title from the independent games studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. Players will need to scavenge floating stations and asteroids for…
ANNOUNCEMENT 24 Oct 2016­ by Bis18marck70

Farming Simulator 17 Launch Trailer

Releasing its tractor sized barrel of fun on October 25th, Farming Simulator 17 will build upon the earlier successes of the franchise. Placing you in control of the valiant men and women that ensure that we need not hunger, the game promises to have progressive and rewarding gameplay elements with a wide range of vehicles…
GAME PROFILE 24 Oct 2016 by David

Farming Simulator 2017

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