Iron Harvest – Story Trailer

King Art Games and Deep Silver have released a new story trailer for their dieselpunk RTS Iron Harvest 1920+, which you can check out in the embed above. Additionally, the game will be part of the digital only Gamescom 2020 event which runs from 27-30 August 2020.
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Panzer Paladin

The genre of faux-retro platformers is pretty crowded these days so it’s difficult to stand out no matter how good your game is. You know the type – Shovel Knight and The Messenger are arguably the peak of this type of game but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more room at the top; so where…
GAME PROFILE 25 Jul 2020 by Jay

Panzer Paladin

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Iron Harvest – Rusviet Trailer

KING Art Games and Deep Silver have released a new trailer for their upcoming alternate history strategy game Iron Harvest. The new trailer takes a look at the Rusviet faction and their awesome looking mechs. Check out the press release below for more info.
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Battletech: Heavy Metal DLC

Heavy Metal is the third DLC for Battletech, Harebrained Schemes turn-based take on the venerable tabletop game. If you’ve ever played any of the Mechwarrior games you’ll know what to expect from the majority of the new content in Heavy Metal: big stompy mechs and big guns. Is a few new machines worth the door…

Iron Harvest – Release Date and Gamescom Trailer

KING Art Games and Deep Silver have announced that diesel-punk RTS Iron Harvest will be releasing on 1 September 2020. for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There's also a new gamescom trailer for you to drool over above.
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Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a fifteen year old Japanese exclusive, original Xbox mech game created by everyone’s favourite digital torture artisans, From Software. With their recent work, and prior work on the Armored Core series, Metal Wolf Chaos XD has some huge boots to fill. Does it live up to the “greatest nation on…

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Animated Launch Trailer

By some unfathomable dark ritual, Devolver Digital have managed to make an animated launch trailer as spectacularly stupid and cheesy as the game it's advertising. Check it out above to hear a voice actor shout “Richaaaaard!” in a way that probably caused the director to weep in shame, and yet it's perfect. Metal Wolf Chaos…
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Battletech: Urban Warfare

Urban Warfare is the second expansion for Harebrained Schemes Battletech. As the name suggests it focuses mainly on adding in more urban warfare settings including more dense city areas, new bases to assault, and new battlemechs to take into combat against your enemies. Does it add up to more satisfying stompy mech action? Keep reading…
GAME PROFILE 04 Jul 2019 by Jay

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

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Battletech: Urban Warfare – Release Date

The second DLC for Harebrained Schemes Battletech will be launching on 4 June 2019. The DLC, titled Urban Warfare, will being several new features such as city fighting, fully destructible buildings, electronic warfare, new enemy units, and two new mechs: The Javelin and Raven 1X. Check out the press release below for more info.

Battletech: Flashpoint Coming November

This November Battletech will be getting its first expansion, Flashpoint. It’ll feature a new encounter type, new mechs, a new biome, and the titular flashpoints – extended contracts with high rewards. Check out the press release below for more info.
ARTICLES 07 May 2018­ by Jay Shaw

Battletech Retrial

I'd like to preface this by saying that I am a pretty big MechWarrior fan, having only recently rekindled my love for the whole Battletech franchise by replaying MechWarrior 4 a few weeks ago. The point is, I'm kind of on a Battletech/Mechwarrior kick right now and getting to play Battletech by HBS was right…
REVIEWS 02 May 2018­ by Stephen Haselden


In a decade obscured by the mists of time and the glare of neon bangs; a board game was created that pitted giant mechanical war machines against each in a contest that would take hours to complete and days to plan. Battletech managed to combine the detail of RPG games with the precision of war…