ANNOUNCEMENT 09 Jun 2016­ by Lee Braden

The Greatest Game Comes to Cities: Skylines

In a free DLC for everyone, Colossal Order has released stadiums to Cities: Skylines so you too can host the world cup. Match Day introduces the ability to build and maintain your own sports team in your city, reap the rewards and be careful of traffic for home games as it's going to get busy.…
ANNOUNCEMENT 06 Jun 2016­ by Lee Braden

Anno 2205: Big Five Pack

Today we have another one of the free upgrades to Anno 2205, the Big Five Pack, which brings us economic warfare to the world of Anno 2205. Fight for shares, influence and industrial dominance, as you compete with the Big Five, which offers new challenges, grants special rewards and powerful buffs for a richer experience.…
GAME PROFILE 08 Apr 2016 by

Offworld Trading Company

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GAME PROFILE 31 Mar 2016 by

Train Valley

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ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Mar 2016­ by Jordan Fong

One Year of Cities: Skyline

Cities: Skyline has been a wonderful adventure, we reviewed it at launch and I’ve loved it since. Since its launch, Skylines has generated a staggering 70,000 mods, and the player base is moving forward with no signs of slowing down. In celebration on March 22 Skylines will be receiving a free landscaping-themed content update. This…
GAME PROFILE 10 Mar 2016 by

Cities: Skylines

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ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Feb 2016­ by Lee Braden

Anno 2205: Tundra Sector Now Unlocked

Blue Byte has released the much awaited Tundra update for Anno 2205 today, giving us a full 82,000 acre (331sq km or 128sq miles) territory to build upon and to explore. The new area gives us Tundra Scientists and Tundra Protectors as new population classes, along with 5 new chains and 10 goods types along…
GAME PROFILE 29 Feb 2016 by

Anno 2205

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REVIEWS 10 Mar 2015­ by Kyle Johnson

Cities: Skylines

The city-building genre has suffered in recent years. With the release of 2013’s SimCity urban planning aficionados found themselves hampered by performance issues and a strange reliance on other players, as opposed to their own skill and innovation. With Cities XXL, players were gifted a budget version of SimCity with little to no improvements, and…