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Planet Coaster

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ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Oct 2016­ by Jordan Fong

You’ve Built Your City, Now Break it Down!

Do you have a fascination with tornadoes? Wanna feast your eyes on a wildfire? Maybe you just don’t like that one resident, you know the one. Welcome to the next DLC for Cities: Skylines, Natural Disasters, a whirlwind of chaos and misfortune. Adding all of the above weather conditions and many more, natural disasters may…
ANNOUNCEMENT 18 Oct 2016­ by Lee Braden

Cities: Skylines, Who’s up for a Kick About Then?

In the latest DLC to hit today for Cities: Skylines, Colossal Order gives us several real football stadiums from around Europe. In the Stadiums: European Club Pack DLC you can build a few very famous venues from around Europe, even decked out in the actual team logos and markings, so if you ever wanted to stick Chelsea football…
ANNOUNCEMENT 05 Oct 2016­ by Lee Braden

Anno 2205: Frontiers DLC

A new DLC is out for Anno 2205 and it’s a big one, with some new and interesting items, prepare to push the frontiers. The Frontiers DLC also comes with a large patch, below are the quick patch notes, for a full read through, along with a look at the new sectors, head on over…
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Sep 2016­ by Jordan Fong

Build Your Empire in Project Highrise

Launching today is Project Highrise, the management simulator contained in a single building. Build it up and watch it flourish, tailor to the best as your spire grows. Project Highrise will cost $19.99, £14.99, €19.99 for PC and Mac and will feature fantastical integration with Steam Workshop where you will be able to download and…
REVIEWS 06 Sep 2016­ by Jordan Fong

Project Highrise

Project Highrise is a game about what else, highrises, skyscrapers, and in general large buildings. Manage your tower’s ecosystem and keep your various tenants happy with different systems and implementations. Much like other “City” simulators of its genre, meet your populus’ needs, fulfill contracts, and overall improve your building over the course of the game.…
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Prison Architect

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ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Aug 2016­ by Lee Braden

Anno 2205: We’re Not Done Yet

In a short post on the Anno 2205 Steam Community page, Blue Byte has given us a little bit of information that there will be some more to come to Anno 2205, but we are going to have to wait that bit longer alas. This has created several waves of people asking for certain stuff,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Aug 2016­ by L Coulsen

Northgard Brings Alpha Vikings to Early Access

Revealed at this year's Gamescom, Viking city builder Northgard will be heading to Steam Early Access in the coming months.  Currently in an Alpha state, it's clear there's already a very strong set of mechanics behind the nascent game. Featuring all the typical features one would expect: population management, new buildings to unlock, foraging and…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Aug 2016­ by Jordan Fong

Project Highrise Takes On Infrastructure Management

Have you played Cities: Skyline? I bet you enjoyed it just as much as me. What if you could get right down to the ground floor and work on just one building? I present to you Project Highrise, a 2D skyscraper management game. Build your way from the dirt under your feet all the way…
ANNOUNCEMENT 09 Aug 2016­ by Bis18marck70

Northgard Reveal

Coming at us in the classical run up to GamesCom 2016, Northgard pulls you into the world of Norse mythology. Inspired by The Settlers, Banished and possibly the TV series Vikings, it is up to you to establish a village on strange shores, gather the much needed resources, grow your clan and smash the undead…
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ANNOUNCEMENT 03 Aug 2016­ by David Pink

Project Highrise Gameplay Revealed

SomaSim and Kasedo Games have given us our peek into their upcoming building management simulator, Project Highrise. Players are given the tools and power available to be the manager, landlord and architect of their very own high rise super-structure. You can build and operate numerous types of offices, restaurants, retail shops and apartments in any…
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Project Highrise

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