Kobolds Infest Northgard

Viking strategy game Northgard is receiving an update that will be bringing every D&D fan's favourite starter monster, Kobolds to the game. Additionally legendary viking bird Vedrfolnir will be making an appearance, hurt after encountering the undead, help it and it'll scout the world for a whole year for you. There'll also be three new…

Cities Skylines Going Green

Cities: Skylines is a behemoth of a game, larger than the sprawling cities it allows you to create even. But until now, the cities weren't too bothered with going green, what with all those concerts and terrible management decisions we make every single time. Tip: 500% tax and pennies per hour for your emergency services…

Cities Skylines – Green Cities Revealed

Cities are great aren't they? They have buildings and fast food and electricity so we can play our games. Unless you're anything like us with a city management game, in which case your city is a hodgepodge of burning, derelict, or irradiated buildings full of corpses because you thought it'd save on road costs to…
NEWS 21 Aug 2017­ by L Coulsen

Now You Can Manage Your Own Jurassic Park

Jurassic World Evolution, aside from being a cringe worthy name, is an upcoming management sim in which you build your own Jurassic Park. Cool, that's done, now we can all go home. What do you mean it's my job? Shush you! Imaginary editor that is actually me fluffing this up with extra words for no…
GAME PROFILE 21 Aug 2017 by Hendrik

Jurassic World Evolution

Check out this game profile to learn more.

Cities Skylines is About to Get Loud With Concerts

Cities Skylines is a game that already has a wealth of expansions, both big and small, to make the city management simulation more engaging. What's been missing until now is the ability to host music festivals. Well fret no more in-game band lovers, because now you can promote your favourite sounds There's no need to…
NEWS 25 Jul 2017­ by Lee Braden

Mothership Launch Complete, Destination: Aven Prime

Mothership Entertainment and Team17 have launched Aven Colony today, and puts you into the driving seat of an epic sci-fi city building adventure. Being only a 4-man team in Austin, Texas, Mothership Entertainment really pushed the boundaries of what they could do with building such an ambitious game such as Aven Colony, and in the end,…

Northgard’s Latest Faction: Clan of the Bear

Today, Shiro Games are pleased to announce the release of another exciting faction to their viking themed strategy-sim, Northgard, with the Clan of the Bear update. Coming with several bug-fixes, general improvements, new skills and of course, the Clan of the Bear faction for all your viking needs. The Bear clan come from the furthest…

Northgard Vikings Invade Multiplayer

Shiro Games' massively popular viking strategy game receives a new update today that adds the communities most requested feature, Multiplayer Mode. Available now for all, 6 Viking rulers can team up or fight each other, vying for complete control of the map, with newly added combat units and buildings in this latest update to Northgard. Check out…
ANNOUNCEMENT 18 May 2017­ by Lee Braden

Cities: Skylines’ Mass Transit DLC Now Available

Mass Transit has now hit Cities: Skylines, and it’s time to get those cars off the road. Colossal Order has dragged in the full assessment of stuff you need to help reduce the amount of cars on the road; Monorails, Ferries, Cable-Cars and Blimps (I still say they should use Zeppelins instead of Blimps due…
GAME PROFILE 12 May 2017 by Hendrik

Surviving Mars

Check out this game profile to learn more.
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Apr 2017­ by Lee Braden

Project Highrise Is the New Vegas Casino Wonderland

You have conquered down-town Chicago, either way now it’s time to take on the mob and create a casino in the Project Highrise Las Vegas expansion. SomaSim has boosted you from the boring concrete wall to wall that is Chicago, and thrown you into the desert to make your name with a glitzy place, where you could be…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Apr 2017­ by Lee Braden

All Aboard the Next Train to Stockholm in Cities: Skylines

Colossal Order has announced the release date for their new Mass Transit DLC for Cities: Skylines, and no delays! As stated when we had Mass Transit announced, it comes with a lovely set of fancy new mass transit vehicles, and new stations and hubs for you to make a useful mass transit system. The new video…
ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Apr 2017­ by Jordan Fong

Welcome to Vegas, How Would You Like To Build Your Empire?

You guys remember Project Highrise, right? Of course you do, well the developers haven’t forgotten about it either and have been working on a new way to build your empire. Welcome to Las Vegas, releasing on April 13th. Vegas will look to expand on the existing architecture and management functions of Project Highrise, bringing with…