NEWS 11 Dec 2023­ by L Coulsen

Garden Life Has a New Trailer

With about two months left before release, we have a closer look at how Garden Life actually plays, as well as some details on what you can get up to outside of the garden. If you have any experience with the cozy, slice-of-life style games, it's not going to blow you away in its complexity.…
NEWS 24 Nov 2023­ by L Coulsen

Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator Has a Release Date

Are you ready to start taking it easy and tending your garden? Well, unfortunately, you still have a little bit of a wait ahead of you. But not too much. Just a few more months. February 22nd, to be precise. Well, the Switch will have to wait a wee bit longer, which sucks, but some…
NEWS 14 Jun 2023­ by L Coulsen

Build Your Perfect Garden in Garden Life

We all love a good zen game, from time to time. And what could be more zen than literally building a zen garden? It doesn't have to be an actual zen garden, with rocks and all. But in Garden Life, it absolutely can be. Also, there's a cute cat. What more could you ask for?
GAME PROFILE 14 Jun 2023 by L

Garden Life

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Bus Simulator 21 – Mercades-Benz Trailer

Stillalive Studio and astragon Entertainment have released a new trailer for Bus Simulator 21 that gives us a look at the two eCitaro buses from Mercades-Benz that will be drivable in-game. Bus Simulator 21 is releasing on 7 September 2021 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Grand Casino Tycoon – VIPs Trailer and Playtest

Every virtual casino needs some high-roller VIPs to make the whole shebang worthwhile and Grand Casino Tycoon has a whole cast of parody patrons from Austin Powders, Paris Hotel, to Jeff Amazonas. Additionally, a playtest will be available via Steam from 30 April 2021 and runs until 2 May 2021. The game is releasing for…

Grand Casino Tycoon – Filthy Rich Teaser

Stillalive and Aerosoft have released a generously portioned 32 second teaser for Grand Casino Tycoon which you can watch above. The press release below spills a bit more info on how you'll end up getting filthy rich in Grand Casino Tycoon. The game is releasing for PC on 20 May 2021.

Grand Casino Tycoon – Announcement

StillAlive Studios and Aerosoft have announced Grand Casino Tycoon, which does exactly what it says on the tin. The game aims to be similar to classics of the tycoon genre and tasks players with designing and building a profitable and award winning casino. Grand Casino Tycoon is releasing for PC on 20 May 2021.
GAME PROFILE 01 Apr 2021 by Jay

Grand Casino Tycoon

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REVIEWS 04 Nov 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm is an RTS game from stillalive studios that puts you in command of a futuristic psionic space ship and its swarm of thirty-two thousand drones in a hostile galaxy where you can’t help but trespass, antagonize, and battle vicious alien races who couldn’t care less about making friends. Having met the crew of…

Drone Swarm Releasing October and New Gameplay Trailer

Stillalive Studios and Astragon Entertainment have announced their upcoming RTS Drone Swarm is releasing on 20 October 2020 for PC. Additionally, a new gameplay trailer explains some of what players will get up to with 32,000 drones at their command.

Bus Simulator 21 – Announcement

Put down your bus pass, StillAlive Studios and Astragon Entertainment have announced Bus Simulator 21 will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2021 (surprise!) Improvements from the previous games in the series include electric and double-decker buses. A reworked version of Bus Simulator 18's Seaside Valley map will be joined by…
GAME PROFILE 12 Aug 2020 by Jay

Bus Simulator 21

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Drone Swarm – Story Trailer

Stillalive and Astragon have released a new story trailer for Drone Swarm. The animated trailer was made by Michael Bay's 451 Media and tells some of the backstory leading up to the game.