9 Monkeys of Shaolin – Demo and Extended Gameplay Trailer

Sobaka Studios and Buka Entertainment have released a new extended gameplay trailer and free prologue demo, available via Steam, for their upcoming pirate punching adventure set in medieval China. 9 Monkeys of Shaolin is releasing on 16 October 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

9 Monkeys Of Shaolin Announcement

When a game is called 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin you know some serious action is about to go down. It tells you two things; that a bunch of bandits are going to get kicked in the face, and that you're probably going to have a sweet staff. The game will be set in medieval China…
GAME PROFILE 21 Mar 2018 by Jay

9 Monkeys Of Shaolin

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NEWS 02 Aug 2017­ by L Coulsen

Redeemer Hits Steam in the Face

Now available for all good gaming platforms (the PC), Redeemer is an isometricish, kill-everything-as-brutally-as-possible type of game. Yes, I'm aware that sentence is word salad, just assume that it met the end of Redeemer's fists. Featuring a single-player campaign, arena mode and... fists, for a jaunty price of $14.99/£10.99 (currently at 15% off to celebrate…

Redeemer Seeks Redemption This August

Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Sobaka Studio's soon to be released Redeemer; a close-quarters, no-mercy, blood-soaked brawler, showed off a brand new visceral gameplay trailer today. Launching this August 1st on Steam and, this story-driven, violent, top-down action game will test your skills with its Campaign mode or face non-stop action in a horde-like Arena…
GAME PROFILE 12 Jul 2017 by Hendrik


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