Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Announcement

Well, there's a title I never thought I'd write. Some dark, evil force has somehow possessed Saber Interactive to revisit the Shaq Fu game, openly admit it sucked in their promo trailer, and then still say they're making a sequel thing? We're not quite sure if it's a sequel or reimagining or what at this…
GAME PROFILE 16 Feb 2018 by Jay

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

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Quake Champions December Update Coming Soon

Quake Champions is going to receive a considerable update on 14 December adding a bunch of new features. Perhaps most notable is new character Keel, returning from Quake 3 Arena. His active ability is Grenade Swarm which allows him to launch a barrage of grenades. His passive ability is Stockpile, which reduces Grenade Swarm's cooldown…

World War Z Reveal Trailer

Saber Interactive's third person cooperative shooter, World War Z finally has a reveal trailer. It's worth noting that the game is based off of Paramount's movie version of the story/setting and not the book. You can argue which is superior in the comments below but we're here to tell you to expect the game in…
GAME PROFILE 08 Dec 2017 by Jay

World War Z

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Spintires Mudrunner Launch Trailer

We're not sure but we feel like that trailer up there is just a montage of all the attempts we've made at going absolutely anywhere in Spintires. It's that much of an accurate representation – bad stuff is going to happen to your vehicle and cargo but every problem is a puzzle to be solved,…

New Gameplay in Spintires Mudrunner Trailer

We've talked about the dirty old man of gaming before and we pretty much love it already. Take a look at the trailer above to see why we love Spintires so much - basically it's because you can get stuck in a river and fail your simple objective and have to rescue your friends with a winch because…

Spintires: MudRunner Dirty New Trailer

To quote the trailer: “Every inch you climb feels like a mile.” You couldn't get a truer quote for Spintires, a game where getting bogged down in the mud is the enemy, and losing your load in a deep river just a matter of course. We're pretty excited for Spintires: MudRunner because we want more…

Spintires Roll Again Thanks to Focus Home

Spintires is a pretty damned good game. Incomplete, a bit rough around the edges, but one of those awesome, zen state games that you can just sink hundreds of hours into. And now, thanks to a partnership between Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive, Spintires: Mudrunner is coming to PC and consoles. A complete, upgraded…
NEWS 18 Aug 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Quake Champions is Heading to Early Access

Toting a $30 price tag as it moves from closed beta into Early Access, Quake Champions is officially hitting Steam and next week, on August 22nd. Buying the Early Access pack (called the Champions Pack) nets you access to all 11 champions currently in the game, plus any future champions added to the game.…
GAME PROFILE 18 Aug 2017 by Hendrik

Spintires: MudRunner

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Quake’s Sorlag Champion Profile

Like clockwork, Bethesda once again cranks out another Quake Champions profile about the next bad-ass to enter the arena. This week's highlighted Champion is the 'Flesh Trading Huntress' herself, Sorlag. This scaly warrior from another planet comes equipped with not one, but two passive abilities, the generic Acid-Spit (why must all reptilians be acid spewing…
ANNOUNCEMENT 11 May 2017­ by K-putt

Visor Enters the Arena in Quake Champions

They say that he's cold, cocky and calculated, but I call him the Russian bootleg Arnold. A dude who has a strange technological visor that lets him see a technological fashion. He’s a classic champion however, since he first appeared in Quake III Arena all those centuries ago. You may ask yourself, what’s this visor for?…
ANNOUNCEMENT 10 May 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

NBA Playgrounds Comes to Our Court

Arcade-style basketball makes a return in NBA Playgrounds, available now on PC and modern consoles. Developed by Saber Interactive, makers of Timeshift, Inversion, and other interesting titles. NBA Playgrounds looks to channel the pick-up fun of NBA Jam and NBA Street by including a whole host of famous players, retired and active. Sporting gigantic heads, slick…