ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Jan 2017­ by Stephen Haselden

Stars in Shadow Releases Next Week!

Asdar Games have announced the release date for their upcoming 4X title, Stars in Shadow, as the 19th of January. That's only next Thursday! In case you missed it, Stars in Shadow (SiS) entered Steam Early Access just four months ago. During that time it's had many significant tweaks and improvements, as well as extra…
ANNOUNCEMENT 03 Dec 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Dawn of Andromeda Early Access Release

Dawn of Andromeda has been out for barely a day now, and already the Steam reviews are giving a mixed response, describing the game as “bare bones” and “not finished”, but that’s fine. Barely a week ago I predicted the work that Grey Wolf Entertainment have cut out for themselves, and hopefully our readers were aware enough…
ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Nov 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Dawn of Andromeda Early Access Starting Soon

Dawn of Andromeda has a lot of competition, and a lot to live up to if it wants to leave its mark on 2016. It is a shorter 4X game that has real-time combat happening fluidly on a zoomable galaxy map. The inclusion of a faster game pace, star lanes, and multiplayer all focus Andromeda…
GAME PROFILE 22 Nov 2016 by

Dawn of Andromeda

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ANNOUNCEMENT 19 Nov 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Newest Mode, Modding and Prizes

This week has seen some grand developments for this ambitious multi genre title. Little Green Men Games have just released the 0.700 update. This includes (along with an array of fixes, additions and balance changes) the addition of Steam Workshop modding for the early access title, and a brand new game mode known as the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 17 Sep 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Stars in Shadow Arrives to Early Access

Stars in Shadow has arrived on Steam Early access. Ashdar Games, along with publishers Iceberg Interactive are at the final stages of production for this classically inspired 4X title. Stars in Shadow has certainly benefited from the work of comic artist and developer James Francis. Harking back to an earlier period in computer games, the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 14 Sep 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Outerlands Update

Starpoint Gemini Warlords has been progressing steadily over the last six months on Steam Early Access. However this latest update for the title from Little Green Men Gaming, introduces some major changes and a wealth of new features. True to form, Little Green Men Gaming have been listening closely to player feedback, and have included…
ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Aug 2016­ by L Coulsen

Endless Legend’s New Expansion Brings a Tempest of Nav…

Have you ever sat back, stroking idly at your beard, pondering the greater mysteries of life, and thought “you know, Endless Legend just isn't salty enough”? Well fear not! Because there's a DLC for that. Introducing Tempest. The latest expansion which focuses on enhanced naval combat. Now any seafaring vessel can join, or initiate a…
ANNOUNCEMENT 03 May 2016­ by Bis18marck70

Starship Corporation Is on Early Access

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Coronado Games have put Starship Corporation out on Steam Early Access. What started as a low key indie title, gathered traction as of late with their 'simulation-management-construction Sci-Fi' title finding great interest amongst those who would like to build and test their own starship designs. For a moderate price of…
GAME PROFILE 03 May 2016 by

Starship Corporation

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ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Apr 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

A Stunning New 4X – Stars in Shadow

Wow I called 2015 the year of the return of RTS, but 2016 is definitely set to be the year of the 4X. Wargaming nearing completion of their Master of Orion remake, Stellaris days away from release and many other 4X games still on the cards. There is one game that is sticking closer to…
GAME PROFILE 27 Apr 2016 by

Stars in Shadow

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ANNOUNCEMENT 14 Apr 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Available on Early Access

Warlords is the “action 4X” spin off to the Starpoint Gemini universe. Starpoint Gemini was already a great real time tactical space combat game, but the addition of 4X mechanics and a lot of “out of the box” thinking could make this a truly epic title. I’m very interested to see what Little Green Men…
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Apr 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Endless Legend Shifters Available Now

Last week Amplitude Studio announced a new DLC package for Endless Legend called “Shifters” featuring the new faction Allayi as well as an enhanced winter mechanic. Last week it was announced, now it’s live and available. The Shifters DLC is available for $12.99 /£9,99 /€12,99 with 25% off, with the rest of Endless series also…