Odysseus Kosmos Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 of the humorous point and click adventure game Odysseus Kosmos & His Robot Quest now has a solid release date – 1 March 2018. In it the story of the titular engineer and his quest to save the galaxy and finally get back to sleeping. There'll be new locations and mini-games too. Odysseus…

Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest Announcement

There was a time when almost all point and click adventure games were silly comedy and obtuse puzzles – thankfully one of those things is (mostly) in the past and the comedy bit is still happening. The latest game to take up that torch is Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest developed by Pavel Kostin.…
GAME PROFILE 26 Oct 2017 by Jay

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest

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ANNOUNCEMENT 16 Feb 2017­ by Bis18marck70

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf – Steam Early Access

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf has recently been announced by developer HeroCraft. The card-based game will follow the tale of Valgard Twice Slain, squad leader of the Space Wolves as his Strike Cruiser was ambushed by the heretical Chaos Space Marines of the Word Bearers Legion. Available from tomorrow February 17th 2017 on Steam Early Access,…
NEWS 09 Feb 2017­ by Max Halcomb

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf Gameplay Trailer Revealed

For those Warhammer 40K fans, today I got a treat for ya. HeroCraft have released a brand spanking new trailer for their new Warhammer title, Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf. The game is a turn-based RPG that will feature a campaign and a PvP multiplayer mode. This game looks like a damn good time for any…
ANNOUNCEMENT 07 Dec 2016­ by Lee Braden

Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf Coming to Steam

Initially released on iOS in 2014 and then on Android a mere 6 months later, and with more than 3 million downloads in total, HeroCraft is releasing a remastered port to Steam via Early Access. Space Wolf is a card driven, turn-based, tactical combat game, and is being upgraded and ported to PC using Early…
GAME PROFILE 07 Dec 2016 by David

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

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ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Aug 2016­ by L Coulsen

Tempest – Open World Pirate Action Hits Steam

The title says it all. Do you really need to know more? Well, there's more anyway. Because this is no ordinary pirate adventure. You can, of course, build your fleet of friends and go board ships for the booty or you can set sail on the open seas and do battle with giant sea monsters.…
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