Conan Chop Chop – Delayed To Q2 2020

Conan Chop Chop was originally intended for release on 25 February but has been delayed to the much more vague Q2 2020. As usual, the delay is for extra polish. You can check out the press release below for more info.
GAME PROFILE 12 Feb 2020 by Jay

Conan Chop Chop

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Conan Unconquered – A Deeper Look At Gameplay Trailer

Petroglyph and Funcom have released a new gameplay trailer for Conan Unconquered showing off some of the unique gameplay features like fire and disease spreading to your units and settlements after a large battle. Give it a look to see what makes the RTS unique.

Conan Unconquered Release Date

Petroglyph and Funcom's upcoming strategy game Conan Unconquered will be releasing on 30 May 2019. Check out the press release below for details on the deluxe edition.

Conan Unconquered – First Gameplay

Petroglyph's upcoming Conan Unconquered has a new gameplay trailer showing off the alpha build of the game. In Conan Unconquered players will have to build a stronghold to defend against hordes of enemies, either in single player or cooperative play. Expect the game sometime in Q2 2019.

Conan Unconquered – Announcement

Petroglyph and Funcom have announced a new Conan game, Conan Unconquered. This new game will be a strategy game set in the Conan universe inspired by the Black Colossus story, players will be tasked with building a stronghold and army to defend it against hordes of enemies. Conan Unconquered is launching in Q2 2019.
GAME PROFILE 11 Dec 2018 by Jay

Conan Unconquered

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Conan Exiles Launch Date and Pricing Details

Funcom's latest stab at the Conan franchise now has a confirmed release date: 8 May 2018. We're not sure if that's a date relevant to Conan but if it is it's probably the day he heard lamentations (they're very precious to him) or drank something out of a skull. Along with the release we've got…
NEWS 21 Aug 2017­ by Jay Shaw

Conan Exiles Physical Editions to be published by Koch Media

Conan Exiles, the open world survival game based on the Conan universe and made by Funcom is now going to be published by Koch Media once it leaves Early Access sometime in early 2018. Koch Media will be handling physical publishing of the game while Funcom are presumably still handling the digital releases. This isn't…

Conan Exiles Is Moving North

After six months in Steam’s Early Access Conan Exiles is finally ready to move up to phase two. In the video above developers talk about why the game is about to get even bigger and better. Besides getting a brand new Northern region and a boatload of featured, the core mechanics are also getting revamped.…

Winter Is Coming… To Conan Exiles

Funcom are thrilled to announce the second stage of the Early Access adventure in their Conan Exiles open-world survival game with a free expansion, The Frozen North. With claims of boasting an impressive 70% more landmass, as well as other general improvements and additional content, this expansion should excite many a gamer. As if the…
NEWS 27 Jun 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Illuminati, Templars and Freemasons, Oh My!

As we mentioned before, Funcom's “shared world MMO” The Secret World has gone free-to-play, as of today. Offering a revamped quest system and character progression, updated visuals and UI, plus re-engineered combat, Secret World Legends looks to be setting out with its best foot forward, which seems to be a rare feat for free-to-play conversions. Secret World Legends takes…

Secret World Legends’ New Combat Trailer

Funcom have been busy revamping the immersive MMO universe of Secret World Legends, and today they share with us a new showcase trailer which highlights how different the combat will feel in their new Free-to-Play business model reboot. Make sure you take a moment to check out the above video before diving into the Press Release below for…
ANNOUNCEMENT 09 May 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Secret World Legends Goes Free to Play This Month

Roughly a month and a half after their initial announcement, Funcom have pegged a June 26th release date for the Free-to-Play launch of their MMO, Secret World Legends. As I brought you the news initially, Funcom is transitioning from an MMORPG to a “shared world RPG.” Not only arriving with updated combat mechanics, visuals, and…