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Grid (2019)

Five years and a whole generation of consoles lay between Grid (2019) and the previous Grid: Autosport. Since then, Codemasters made 6 Formula 1 games, 3 Rally games, Onrush, 3 other games and acquired most of the staff from Sony’s former exclusive Evolution Studios (known for Driveclub and the Motorstorm series). That’s a whole lot…

GRID – Features Trailer

Codemasters upcoming racer, GRID has gotten a new features trailer that takes a brief tour through everything from AI drivers to online competition. GRID is coming out no 11 October 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

F1 2019 – F2 Season Update Soon

Formula 2, F1's less loved sibling, will be arriving in F1 2019 in the coming weeks. You can check out the new trailer above and press release below for more info.

GRID – Race For Glory Trailer

GRID has a shiny new trailer showing off some of the sexiest cars you'll get behind the wheel of on 11 October 2019 when the game launches. Check out the press release below for more info.
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F1 2019

Codemasters’ F1 games are releasing like clockwork. Well, almost. Then this year it’s coming out 2 months early. You’d expect that the new content they provide might be on the smaller side even considering the developers only had 10 months. And I’d actually agree with you this time around, kinda. It’s essentially the same game…

F1 2019 – Rise Up Against Your Rivals Trailer

The new F1 2019 trailer features entirely in-game footage showing off the sharp visuals and fast cars you'll undoubtedly be turning into mangled piles of carbon fibre after braking too late in a hairpin. Check out the press release below for more info and a list of vehicles in the game.
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F1 2019

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F1 2018

Just like every year, we get a new F1 game. And just like I mentioned last year, Codemasters only has 12 months to develop these games. So it’s best to keep expectations on the lower side. But unlike last year, which saw a drastic change in the aero regulations that brought us wider tires and…
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F1 2018

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F1 2017

Every year we get a new F1 game in the series, and since Codemasters only ever has about one year to bring out a new installment that actually improves the experience, I try to keep my expectations rather low. This year however, the completely new Formula 1 cars hit the tracks with their vastly increased…

F1’s New Born To Be Wild Trailer

F1 2017 is about a week away from release and Codemasters gives us another trailer that isn’t the launch trailer. I guess that comes out in about a week. Maybe. Who knows! There isn’t anything new to see in this one minute long Born to be Wild video so I’m not quite sure what it’s…
NEWS 03 Aug 2017­ by K-putt

Take a Closer Look at Your F1 Career

Codemasters just released a new trailer showcasing the F1 2017 Career Mode features they've added, and man, they weren't sleeping over the last year. New test programmes, game modes like time attack, overtake challenges, checkpoint modes, classic car challenges and more. They even added vehicle management to the career... finally! It felt strange driving a…
NEWS 27 Jul 2017­ by K-putt

F1 2017’s ‘Make History’ Gameplay Trailer …

With the Hungarian Grand Prix being merely 2 days away, Codemasters gives us the first proper look of what we're actually going to do in F1 2017. Surprisingly, it's driving around in circles... very, very fast. In this 'Make History' trailer we get to see day/night cycles, which are indeed an interesting addition to the…