NEWS 19 Dec 2016­ by David Pink

Resident Evil VII Demo Out And Why You Should Try It

Capcom’s much anticipated Demo for the upcoming first-person survival-horror, Resident Evil VII, has been released, and is now ready for your consumption via Steam. The ‘Beginning Hour’ Demo will run you about 3.7 GB in HDD/SSD space to download and install, and offers us a little taste of the RE VII pie that Capcom has…
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Dec 2016­ by David Pink

Resident Evil VII Unleashes Evil Thrice More

Horror fans are in for a little treat this evening, the forever zombie-obsessed Capcom have released not one, not two, but three wonderful gameplay trailers for our eyeballs to feast on. We’re taken back into the lovely home of the always gracious Baker family. As we’re exploring the “PT” inspired maze like hallways of the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 07 Dec 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Coming to PC… And Consoles

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is the big news this week for fighting game fans, but in case you can’t wait for a year, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is out on PlayStation 4 right now, and will be coming to PC and Xbox One in March, 2017. This port will have 1080p HD graphics, 60fps gameplay,…
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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

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NEWS 05 Dec 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Announced at PSX

The PlayStation Experience was glorious this year, but Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (MvCI) being announced was the stuff of dreams. It’s been over five years since Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (UMvC3) blew people’s minds, and MvCI seems to be refreshing that same feeling. People seem especially excited for the Street Fighter x Tekken style…
ANNOUNCEMENT 05 Dec 2016­ by David Pink

Resident Evil VII PC Demo on the Horizon

Over the weekend, those cheeky buggers over at Capcom have revealed (finally) some Resident Evil VII news that pertains specifically to us PC gamers. Not only did they disclose what exactly the glorious PC master race is to expect in terms of configurable options, they were so kind as to give us an update on…
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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

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ANNOUNCEMENT 05 Dec 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Street Fighter V’s Akuma Is Back, and He Brought Some …

It’s official! The demon Akuma is the next character to be included in Street Fighter V's roster, and this time he’s sporting an even uglier mug. He looks like a good balance between old and new. His traditional air projectiles, dive kick, shoryu, and demon flip are all still there but his V-skill and trigger is…
ANNOUNCEMENT 28 Nov 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Capcom Will Continue to Focus on Street Fighter V

Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano, two big-wigs behind Capcom and Street Fighter V, said in a recent interview that Capcom is planning to support Street Fighter V and strengthen it as an Esports title until 2020. Here’s a short translated excerpt from their interview: Famitsu: Are we going to see other titles than Street Fighter…
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Nov 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Street Fighter V – New Stage and New Akuma

That’s right boys and girls, the dive-kicking, fireball chucking, rush-down demon Akuma is coming to Street Fighter V. All we have so far is just a sneak peak of his signature raging demon above, but that’s not all. In addition to the new character, Rashid is finally getting his own stage. “Skies of Honor” has…
ARTICLES 19 Oct 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Street Fighter from East to West

Happy birthday Street Fighter! To celebrate your 29th birthday and Street Fighter V’s full character roster, let’s go down memory lane. Let’s talk about the past and present of Capcom’s premier series, how it’s traveled from Japan to the west, and how a small, pixelated, redheaded Japanese man became the beefy warrior we know as…
ANNOUNCEMENT 15 Oct 2016­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

SF V’s Halloween Costumes, Stage and Secret Alterations

In the same way that you can hold buttons to burn off Urien’s clothes to get classic Urien, you’re now able to hold K + LP + MP + HP and UP on the control stick while the match loads to alter devil Juri, frankenstein Nash, samurai Ryu, and the other character-specific Halloween costumes in…
ANNOUNCEMENT 19 Sep 2016­ by David Pink

Dead Rising 4’s Going Shopping

The lovely people over at Capcom and the Xbox YouTube channel have given us a quick glimpse at the newest installment of the massively popular and long running, open-world zombie genocide simulator, Dead Rising 4. Frank West, everyone’s favorite award winning photojournalist and survivor of the original zombie outbreak that hit Willamette, Colorado in 06’…
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Dead Rising 4

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