ANNOUNCEMENT 04 Mar 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

Total War: Warhammer – Time to Sharpen That Axe

Do you find other people ignorant and obnoxiously tall? Do you have a dozen or more hidden caches of your gold? Do you still have a grudge to settles with the stinky foot tribe for setting your great great great great grandfather’s beard on fire? Do you find the most attractive women to be those…
ANNOUNCEMENT 04 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Dead Island Definitive Collection Announced

If with all the sales, bundles and re-releases you still haven’t been swayed to get Dead Island or Dead Island Riptide, Deep Silver hopes that a new repackage for both games will get you into their camp. Both games have also had a new coat of paint with increased texture and lighting quality, improved effects…
ANNOUNCEMENT 04 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

CoD: Black Ops III – Awakening DLC Released

To help the game last a year till its inevitable next instalment Treyarch released the first DLC package for Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Awakening. This time around Sony secured a timed exclusive arrangement with Activision for any Black Ops III content to come to PS4 first but that grace period has expired…
ANNOUNCEMENT 04 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Project CARS GOTY Announced

Project CARS, Slightly Mad’s labour of love and a tribute to the racing games community, is about to receive a Game Of The Year Edition treatment. Just a few months off till the game’s one year [full release] anniversary but the developer is already getting ready to celebrate with the GOTY edition at some point…
NEWS 03 Mar 2016­ by J. A. Kinghorn

Rock Band 4 Crowd Surfing to PC

At the start of the month, Harmonix launched a Fig crowd funding campaign in the hopes of bringing the latest incarnation of their Rock Band series to PC. But, as the developers explain in the video above, they don't want to just do a straight up port and they need fans' help in achieving their…
NEWS 03 Mar 2016­ by Jordan Fong

Welcome to the Rocket League Championship Series

If you know anything about me, you’ve noticed I like Rocket League. I loved it back when I reviewed it and do most of the news about the game. The game has only been improving with more and varied content made with consistent quality. So believe me when I say that I’m pretty excited to…
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Mar 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

The Division Begins Deployment

With less than a week away from the release of Ubisoft’s The Division, a launch trailer has appeared heralding its arrival. High octane action clashes with serene shots of the cityscape as it all builds into quite a frenzied inferno. Tom Clancy’s The Division releases on March 8th, 2016.
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Hitman Season Premiere Trailer

The newest Hitman title is lurking around the corner in the dark valley few steps ahead. And in its anticipation to kill, or help you stumble into an accident if that’s your preference, the developers pushed out a new “Season Premier” trailer. Here we can see some of the upcoming levels, targets, disguises and some…
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Mar 2016­ by Stephen Haselden

DoW II: Retribution Gets Necron Overlord

Dawn of War II: Retribution is five years old now and still a very popular game. As a thank you to fans, Relic are about to release a new hero for the game’s “Last Stand” mode. At long last we can now play as the Necron Lord (oh yeah)! He resurrects stuff, it his thing,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

AC Syndicate The Last Maharaja DLC Released

Yesterday saw the release of the last DLC peace for the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate season pass. The new content adds 10 new missions for the Frye siblings in assisting Dyleep Singh’s struggle to get back the title of Maharaja. For few more details scroll down to see the press release below.
ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Full Soul Axiom is Out

Wales Interactive make small but usually fun little games and their latest creation, Soul Axiom, is finally out of Steam’s Early Access. In the game you will by venturing though a Tron-like world of Elysa solving puzzles trying to uncover the mysteries of your digital afterlife. The full version comes naked with just the game,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

The Division GameWorks Trailer

The Division is just around the corner and Ubisoft is trying to hook as many of us gamers as possible. Coming out in precisely a week today’s, or rather yesterday’s to be exact, target is – PC gamers. In the above trailer The Division is trying to show off some of the fancy PC exclusive…
ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Umbrella Corps Multi-Mission Mode Revealed

Umbrella Corps, a Resident Evil spinoff, is supposed to come out at some point soon and Capcom are revealing more details about the gameplay. This time it’s the “Multi-Mission” mode which will randomly cycle through different multiplayer types revolving around team deathmatch with varying objectives and conditions. For more details see the official press release…
ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Feb 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

TW: Warhammer Azhag’s Ard Amrour Battle Playthrough

Today Creative Assemply, the developers of the Total War series, released a new Total War: Warhammer playthrough video of the Azhag’s Ard Amrour battle. This is a campaign battle early on in the game where Orcs and Goblins battle against three Bretonnian human armies. The greenskins take a defensive positions and stand their grown against…